GameCritics: Luminous Arc 2 Review

All in all, Luminous Arc 2 is a game that feels like it should've been a manga or anime instead. While its story and characters are certainly its strong suits, that strength is at the expense of what should be the heart and soul of a video game. The battle system has none of the depth of the characters, and asks you to do the same simple things over and over again. Perhaps Luminous Arc 2 is a response to much more complicated games in the genre like Disgaea or La Pucelle Tactics-an attempt to make a strategy RPG that doesn't intimidate newcomers with tons of stat checking and environmental effects.

But the game's combat system is not so much pick up-and-play as it is completely lifeless. While Luminous Arc 2 is a good story, it's not much of a game. Rat

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