If Marcus Fenix was Black? With the United States new president, and it being Black history month, I figured it was the right time to ask this question. Is it the right time for developers to start using more African American leading characters in games?

Now don't get me wrong because there are games out there with African American characters in them out there, and heck 50 Cent has blood on the sand dropping later this month. But I would like to bring your attention back to when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was approaching release. Many people had said that they would boycott the game because of the ethnicity and culture that the lead character CJ represented.

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lord_of_balrogs3388d ago

Crackdown's main character was black, and the Cole Train is a fan favorite, I don't see how race is an issue right now. By saying that videogames need more black characters you're contributing to racisim by making an issue of something that is clearly not an issue. Eurogamer criticizing RE5 for showing a shanty town is a good example.

Cool Hwhip3388d ago

You and Eurogamer have absolutely NO IDEA on what you're talking about.

I'll leave it at that.

Spydiggity3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

who cares about skin color?

also obama is half black.

also, if you look at popular culture, black is in. although that's not actually black. that's an image of black that wealthy white corporate CEOs implanted into the main stream. it sells, so they push it. it's just an image. a real, thoughtful person doesn't act any certain way because of skin color, and for that reason, we should never address color...only actions and attitudes.

also, where are all the asian protagonists? or hispanic?

also, does it matter? at all?

ZootHornRollo3388d ago

obama isnt half black he's from Israel

Sayai jin3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

My friend race ill always be an issue. Whether we like it or not. Just like being poor and wealthy will always be an issue. Also you are talking about a few games that have non-whites as the main character. We have to look at who developers are. Most dev's are white males so more than likely they will create games with characters in their on likeness. The same thing would be done if most dev's were asain, hispanic, etc. I just wish games would give you the option to make your character the way you want it.

The writer was write when he talk about San Andreas, there were many people that were pissed that the character was black. Even though this does not represent a whole group of people; I was looking at some games to buy a while ago and teenager was looking at some games too. He was interested in "Crackdown". He picked it up and his mom said he could not buy it because she would not allow him to listen to bippity bop music music. He plighted with her and she said there would be cursing, nudity, and violence. She then allowed him to pick up GTA.

Spydiggity- If Obama was not wealthy/president/etc like a criminal or if he was being described what do you think they would call him. Half black. No the description would be a middle age black male about 6 feet and 155 pounds. Like it or not. It is in the US constitution (it has been amended) that anyone with African blood (on drop to be precise) would be considered black.
To answer your last question, yes it matters in ways. We all enjoy great games plain and simple, but people want to be the hero in the story and would like the hero to be in their likeness, nothing racist about that. Watch a movie called "White Man's Burden" and then ask the same question that question.

Edit: look at DX F3NIX comment below.

dragunrising3388d ago

I wouldn't have a problem with it at all. The problem with black protagonists in games is their connection to hip hop. I would like to see a black Gordan Freeman who isn't built on stereotypes. Louis from Left 4 Dead is a great example of what I'd like to see more of. Perhaps its his business attire or the fact that his comments don't come off like he's a tough guy. Overall a believable character.

Obama becoming president is huge for race relations in America. It doesn't matter that he is half black or full, only that he is a person of color. We need a need to shift our perspective on black people in America as multidimensional people and not centuries in making stereotypes.

aiphanes3388d ago

They are mixed with something...indian, hispanic, can not tell these days...even white people are mixed and do not know it.

We are all people...there is only one race the "Human Race"

Sayai jin3388d ago

@aiphanes- Good comment about the human race. Bubbles for you.

In America there has been a mixing of the races. So when you say black/whites I think you are referring to people in America. This people from their native countries still mostly have a consistent bloodline.

solidsnakus3388d ago

screw that, F marcus. just replace him entirely by cole.

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Cool Hwhip3388d ago

I think it's the right time for devs and publishers to pay attention to Minorities in general.

FantasyStar3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Let devs do what they want. It's not an issue unless you make it one.

P.S. -Why do you put so much emphasis on the "h" sound?

ZootHornRollo3388d ago

well most games now are kill rag heads and aliens and zombies.

video games are very wrong in many ways on race issues but its a video game and that doesnt come to mind when your playing nore did the devs want it to be.

this well start so much crap.

Sayai jin3388d ago

@FantasyStar - Yes, let dev's do what they want. It's their game, but remember they are marketing to the masses. Evidently it is an issue if people are discussing and have different point of views.

DELTABOY043388d ago

how can anyone disagree with his statement? let me guess the disagrees all came from white people?yea i thought so..

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TheBand1t3388d ago

As far as I'm concerned, I'd let the game devs choose their character's ethnicity rather than people who seem to actually think this is a problem.

marichuu3388d ago

Games where you can create your own character tend to have a variety of skincolor and whatnot.

Why does anyone even think about this? I never thought of racism in games until someone brought it up back when the first RE5 trailer got released.

UltimateIdiot9113388d ago

I couldn't agree more, it's like telling an artist what race he should and should not paint, writer writing about what he should or should not write, oh wait....the media get sue if they don't please enough people.

But my point is, it's up to the developer. In fact, I would hate it if developers change ideas just to please the minority. If you don't like the race of the main character, you're always welcome to make your own game.

Sayai jin3388d ago

You right, it is the dev's decision. Remember that most game dev's are white males, so you will see that most characters will match their liking. There is nothing wring with that. To say it is not an issue is not far though. It's just not an issue to you, but does not mean it is not an issue.

DELTABOY043388d ago

Your right developers have the last say...its their game and i personally don't care as long as the game is good..but a lot of kids from all races play video games. it would be nice sometimes if the hero was Hispanic or would be nice for some kids to have heroes who looks like them...who they can identify with on another level.

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TheColbertinator3388d ago

I enjoy Native American protagonists.Except for Tommy from Prey.He sucked

BLUR1113388d ago

yeah that guy was annoying. Wow that reminds me that prey was a fascinating game can't wait to see how prey 2 turns out

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