Killzone 2 Convinced Me to Buy a Playstation 3

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"Editor's Note: I was talking to a buddy online about the recent Killzone 2 demo, take in mind this friend of mine is a massive Xbox 360 fanboy, and to my surprise he loved the Killzone 2 demo. I asked him to write up an article detailing his experience with the upcoming PS3 exclusive, that opinion/editorial is below:

After many painful hours of consideration, almost a year of owning an expensive piece of machinery which had so far served as nothing more than a Blu-Ray and DVD player was too much of a waste for us. We decided to break down and purchase a Playstation 3, based on the strength of Killzone 2."

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GiantEnemyCrab3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Same here but let me add that Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, WipeoutHD, Ratchet & Clank and MGS4 also helped in the decision.

@Cajun: Yes R&C is like playing a cartoon! Insomniac did some amazing things with that game. One of the few great platformers this gen.

There is still new stuff I'm discovering all the time. I think I need to check out the Pixel Junk stuff I keep hearing how great it is.

Cajun Chicken3595d ago

Ratchet and Clank is class isn't it? Glad you joined the club a while ago.

Why dis3595d ago

Pixel junk was my fav on PSN

cayal3595d ago

How can anyone NOT like Ratchet and Clank. It's the best.

sonarus3595d ago

But this game is generic though and does nothing new for the shooter genre

Cajun Chicken3595d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

True, but the artistic direction and animation of R&C:Future is the nearest graphics to a Pixar movie yet, I can't believe how much the PS3 allowed Insomniac to advance.
Fascinating, prime example of how a 3D platform game should be done.

Once you complete R&C:Future, I recommend Quest for Booty, its excellent, bitesized, but hits the spot if you want more and continues from R&C:Future, some new game mechanics too.

Lifendz3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

You guys really thought Sony, who ran the past two generations, was not going to take this one as well? A 360 site is raving about the PS3. I bet MS doesn't comp these guys free live accounts. Must be nice to have a system that you don't have to pay to play games online. You know, just like the PC. Not like MS making a faulty console didn't help them. In fact, had the 360 not failed like it does, MS might've actually closed the door on Sony this gen. Oh well, better luck next gen.

will113594d ago

Killzone 2 Demo convinced me to return my PS3. Press Agree please.

itchy183594d ago

enemy crab! what's your psn? let's play sometime! lol

ultimolu3594d ago

Crab, if you didn't get Resistance 1 and 2 already, I highly recommend those games. They're very good, imo.

Timberland2K93594d ago

throw ratchet in. The most under-rated PS3 franchise next too Nathan Drake

mugoldeneagle033594d ago

The only thing that saddens me is that the PS3's price blinded people from all the great games that came out earlier.

Heavenly Sword, Ratchet, Uncharted, Pixel Junk Titles, Warhawk, etc. etc. etc.

Killzone 2 is going to start the unslaught of people making the jump. Not only because it's a great game, but because it shows non-PlayStation 3 owners there's a shooter BETTER than anything on their console.

So I guess the question is, what'll top Killzone 2?

ThanatosDMC3594d ago

"After many painful hours of consideration, almost a year of owning an expensive piece of machinery which had so far served as nothing more than a Blu-Ray and DVD player was too much of a waste for us. We decided to break down and purchase a Playstation 3, based on the strength of Killzone 2."

^ Grammar. Does that mean that he's had a PS3 a year and bought another PS3 for Killzone???

Highatus3594d ago

Pixeljunk Monsters is a great tower defense game, highly recommend it.

Why dis3594d ago


Why all the disagree's lol.

Poor Sony with their fanboys and all.

kparks3594d ago

nice.. ps3 is a great system and has alot to offer with new and old great exclusives and blu ray.

jayd920093594d ago

Why all the hate for Whydis? I know he makes stupid comments sometimes but that comment was mature. Only disagree when he makes idiotic comments.

ActionBastard3594d ago

Valkyria Chronicles Crab. Do yourself the favor. Great stuff.

UltimateIdiot9113594d ago

Agree, with Action. If you're a fan of SJRPG, go with VC. It's really good. I also recommend Disgaea 3 but I guess it's more of an acquire taste.

ThatCanadianGuy3594d ago

"Why all the disagree's lol.

Poor Sony with their fanboys and all."

Because everyone hates you POG.

Sayai jin3594d ago

@Lifendz-This site is doing what gamers should do, be honest. If you like something buy it or support it. As far as calling this gen game over, ummm well I would wait on that. When do you call next gen over. 3 years 6 years or 10 years? I would say it will be next gen by the time the next console launches. Ninty has a far lead and MS is still ahead, not saying this will not change, but probably not in the next few years. Yeah, MS would have more consumer confidence if they did not have the system failures, but people are still buying a lot of 360's. MS needs to fix it once and for all. Remember the PS2 had some big issues as well (I went through 4 myself), but people still brought them. Why? Good games.

Your right Sony owned the last two generations of gaming. This gen is different from all the other gaming generations. This is how: Sony owned 70 to 75% of the market, leaving MS and Ninty to pick up what was left. Different systems, different market, and the 3 console makers holding different market shares. Sony stunned and wowed everyone with the PS1. Everyone said who are they to try to compete with the almighty Nintendo. Sony's young and hungry gaming division not only competed, but lead the way that gen. The PS2 launched and it was game over almost instantly. A lot of people say that the PS3 is selling about the same or better than the PS2 did and look at what the PS2 accomplished. The statement about the sales are true, but it is a different time. Sony (PS2)had a good grip on the market before Ninty launched there console and it was still inferior the the PS2 (as far as hardware). The MS entered the scene, but did not turn the turn the market much with the original Xbox. They were a new company and Sony really had a really good console with a good fan base. The Xbox came out later and had the latest and greatest tech inside, but that still did not matter. Everyone said it is about game play and not about graphics. Now we are here and MS put there console out first and had a lead in sales against there rivals. Everyone thought Ninty was crazy for not going next Gen(HD), but there console shocked everyone with it's sale numbers. So Sony is in unfamiliar waters. Does it spell doom for them. Hell no. This gen will just be different and this is a good thing, because I for one would not want to see any of the 3 console makers shutting the other two down. I can not remember a time when games, hardware, etc was an all out battle which each company trying feverishly to outdo each other.

All 3 companies have a different outlook for this gen. Ninty is at a all time high and has captured the casual market. The 360 is doing a lot better than last gen and is actually competing this time around, so I believe MS is very happy. Sony is looking more at the long run with the 10 year life cycle. They are not looking to leap over the competition right away. Who is right and who is better. I do not know, but I do know I am going to enjoy all the great games. And is that not what it's all about.

Le Idiotce3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Giantenemycrab is now a converted PS3 supporter?!

After all PS3 hate, he is now a believer?!

PS3 can make even the blind see once again.

Dont pay too much attention to grammar. Its written by a xbox fanboy after all.

Lifendz3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I agree. It is all about the games in the end. You frequently mention that you own all three consoles so I'm sure you'll be doing just that. My comment went to all the "PS3 is dead" people. You've responded to my posts enough to know that I don't want MS or Sony to go anywhere. I think both serve as a good counter to the other. However, I will continue to give MS a hard time about making such a faulty system as I think I should. It's a shame that RROD is STILL happening. MS has lost a lot of credibility in my eyes. After the 360 fiasco, I'm not sure if I could ever buy an MS console again.

xwabbit3594d ago

Is that a lot of people are tired of hearing retarded fan boy post's by him so everything he says now we dk if it's real of make a joke so, its just better to disagree lol

jcgamer3594d ago

who's next on N4G to join the dark side and PLAY BEYOND?! :)

UltimaEnder3594d ago

Good article, I love me some Killzone 2 as well and cannot wait for it to come in later this month; what a great month for gaming! All gamers unite, no matter what the console is!

GarandShooter3594d ago

@ jayd92009

They're disagreeing because they don't believe he owns a PS3.

Sayai jin3594d ago

I hear what you are saying and agree. Some of my comments were generally speaking and not meant for you. There is no doubt that RROD has been a thorn (blade) in MS side. This is an issue that needs to be fixed, period. I was really pissed that I kept on going through PS2's when it first launched, but they eventually fixed the problem and I enjoyed my fourth and final PS2 ever since. I guess I must be an oddity. I have two original launch 360 that have not had any issues (although they can be loud at times, my Ninty Wii has been working flawlessly, my launch PS3's powers supply blew so I had to get another one. No biggie, because I had other systems to play. I will just say that owning all systems is the way that I can insure I can play the best the gen has to offer and whether people (not talking about you) want to admit it both MS and Sony have launched some Mega hits and taking online gaming to a whole new era.

PS. Maybe I will get some more people on my buddy list on PSN once KZ2 arrives. I will definately be on PSN then a lot more. Hit me up.

Bubble Buddy3594d ago

"But this game is generic though and does nothing new for the shooter genre"

Why does every SINGLE PS3 game have to innovate the genre or else it is not a good game. I'm getting tired of this. Many games are great not because they are innovative, but because it's just friggin fun to play.

LiquifiedArt3594d ago

Since when did GiantEnemyCrab get a playstation! Where the hell have I been...?

UltimaEnder3594d ago

Killzone 2 is a good game, hands down.....fanboys of the PS3 however make people like it less!

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Why dis3595d ago

Almost the same story here.

Needed a high-def DVD player 1st of all and 2nd I needed a good multiplayer game(KZ2)

I'm getting burned out on GTA4.

FPS's are not my fav but the cover system is cool which is why I like 3rd person shooters.

The Hunter3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Another Xbox 360 fanboy gets an PlayStation 3 becease Killzone 2!

You have been KILLZOWNED !!!!!

Why dis3595d ago

I think more would do so if there wasn't so many retards like you supporting the PS3. Turns people off big time.

Valkyrie833595d ago

WOW, thanks for that.....anyhow good article; I will be playing KZ2 on my PS3 as well, fantastic game!

iamtehpwn3594d ago

is that KZ1 and KZL got decent reviews, and were nice games, but then KZ2 came and decided to be an ultimate masterpiece. It's rather interesting how GG got their balls together to make something very compelling like KZ2.

GrandTheftZamboni3594d ago

I agree with Why dis about your post sounding like a turn off. Anyway great video. I think Sony should pay royalties and use it as official Killzone 2 commercial. Minus head flying off and Mario at the end.

CyberCam3594d ago

Because of your dumb @$$ comment... I'm now forced to agree with Why dis for the first time. Have some class man... you're comment is the reason PS3 enthusiasts get a bad rap.

Can't you just make positive comment with some intelligent substance within it?


Bladeslayer3594d ago

dude somebody had way tooooooooooooooo much time on their hands

Consoldtobots3594d ago

I love this logic of " I won't buy x product because of the people that own it". This has to be the most retarded reasoning I have ever heard.

dantesparda3594d ago

Cuz its because of douchebags like Why Dis, that I've been turned off to the 360. And check my gamertag, I've been a 360 owner since Nov 22, 05 and owned the Xbox 1 since its release date back in Nov of 2001. And have never owned a Sony system up til now (when I bough the PS3 in Nov of 07). And always thought that the PS2 was inferior to the Xbox. But ever since I started listening to the 360 fanboy on this site since 2005, they turned me of to the 360 and are what made me even consider getting a PS3.

And i thought that Hunters comment was funny, I couldnt take it serious with that funny "Killzowned" video.

GarandShooter3594d ago

'if there wasn't so many retards like you supporting the PS3.'

How is that different from your retarded ass supporting the 360, hypocrite?

Once again, the way you post makes you sound like a douchebag.

Maybe when you make yet another account you should use 'Summer's Eve' or 'Massengill' as your screen name.

Sheikh Yerbouti3594d ago

LOL! No one on this site likes you very much, do they?

I'm sure it is because they are all Sony Fanboys, huh? ;)

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KobeT243595d ago

planetxbox360 doing a review on Killzone 2? How cliche...

UltimaEnder3595d ago

It is only ironic to fanboys who only see things one-sided; Killzone 2 is one hell of a game and will impact the industry, maybe just realizes that and wants their readers to play anything that is of as high a quality as KZ2 is.....grow up!

DK_Kithuni_713594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

This is how it should be. Fair and unbiased. More power to them!

Sayai jin3594d ago

@UltimaEnder - Your right. I wonder if their has been any PS3 sites that have given honest reviews about 360 or Ninty games.

Lifendz3594d ago

I don't recall any PS3 site giving me their impressions of any 360 exclusive...even the GTA DLC.

Sayai jin3594d ago

It is weird, but it is refreshing to see. It would be nice to see this happen more if it is done honestly by all. To me that is the ultimate sign of flattery when another side (if you want to call it that) reviews your game honestly. Imagine if OXM would have reviewed KZ2 and gave it a deserving high score or the Official PlayStation magazine doing the same for some of MS exclusives. If it were don correctly it would be cool, but you know as soon as one site give a less than stellar review for game X some people would be screaming favoritism, fanboys, etc. There are too many good games to sit around and hate and I think this guy just realized it.

Uh oh there is a disagree troll among us.

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