The dead tech we want to resurrect

T3 writes:

It is an accepted part of all life, things live, things die, or when they have outstayed their welcome like that mate who'd said he only needed a place for a couple of nights, it's time to move on.

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TrevorPhillips3569d ago

Not the super nintendo thats my all time favourite

Johnny Rotten3569d ago

The MiniDisk was one of the best formats ever created, it was a dj's dream recorder. I still have an empty 10 pack laying around!

As for video game systems I wish I had a ColecoVision, I still remember the days of the Smurfs and Carnival!

Cajun Chicken3569d ago

Did that just miss out Amiga?!? :O

Si-Pie3568d ago

Yep they missed out the Amiga for some odd reason. For me personally that would of been number 1!

barakiu3569d ago

why'd you have to go so soon?

seriously, Sega just relaunched the Genesis in South America, why not do so, it's cheap, and darn it, it just might work.

barakiu3569d ago

imagine if Sega relaunched the Dreamcast in a couple of years in some new markets, made it region free so we could import it, had it support online, and games start getting pooped out.

any freakin' thing is possible.