Goldeneye Source Mod is now Live

Howdy folks,

Well what a day! With over 3000+ page views, thousands of downloads, and hundreds of players in-game, the team is very humbled and excited that the launch of BETA 3.0 has been received as such a roaring success. The developers have been in-game a lot as you may have noticed, answering questions and quite frankly just enjoying the game with all of you. Constant praise, thanks, impressions, and suggestions are given and we are very appreciative!

We are pleased to announce GoldenEye: Source now has 2 official servers, provided generously for free by Check them out! and there will be 2 more official GE:S server coming online within 24 hours.

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uie4rhig3568d ago

gonna try this out later on :)

Mindboggle3568d ago

How do you get this to work ?? Will this work with the official steam version or does it need a cracked steam version ???

TheIneffableBob3568d ago

It's a Half-Life 2 mod. Just install the .exe from the site and the game will appear in your Steam games list.

mpmaley3568d ago

Installed. Only 6 servers were up but the nostalgia went through the roof. Blowing up ppl w/ remote mines like it was yesterday :)

yamamoto1143568d ago

Jesus Christ, they've been working on this for YEARS.

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