Killzone 2: Europe Doesn't Get Screwed Shocker

Over the years Europe has been something of a disfigured stepchild to gaming companies. Waiting months or even years for console launches, game releases et al was par for the course to us. Worldwide PS3 launch? Yeah sorry Europe we can't make enough, see you in four to five months.

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MGOelite3478d ago

im still waiting for video store for EU ps3, i would have spent about £50 by now...

Cajun Chicken3478d ago

Hmm, I'm personally not too bothered, well, unless they get some classic TV up there from the likes of BBC and Channel 4.
I'm more interested in Vidzone appearing.
Still majorly annoyed that we don't have SSF2:HD yet, well at least nearly everything we were behind with on PSN arrived last Thurs.

Cwalat3478d ago

they are talking about "sony change and being friendly towards EU"...
which is a completely outrageous lie.

Sony are still Fuc***ers against European countries since they already know they own the region, that means they don't have to lick our assses...

The ONLY reason KZ2 got released in Europe for free was that it's DEVELOPED by a european studio that's had ENOUGH, and took things in their own manor. They basically readied the demo and said "sony, here you go... don't fu*****k it up now.. just release it"..

So kudos for GG, not Sony...

If Sony want to change... they wont let a single game release late here in Europe... THERE I SAID IT FOR FU****K SAKE!

and release a working worldwide PSN that's ENGLISH... and patch the fuc****ing extra languages....

Cajun Chicken3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

So was LBP. Didn't get that any earlier.

Game releases are like that, at least with the PS3 if we get impatient we can choose to import them.

Its the PSN I have the problem with.

Alcon3477d ago

I'm still waiting for PSN cards!!! What the hell is Sony doing? Don't they want to earn some money? I would have allready bought a lot from the PSN store, if I had those cards at my disposal. It's not only us, Europeans that get screwed, but they screw themselves over as well. I mean they've got a chance to make a lot more money out of it, but it's like they don't even want it.

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Helghast Slayer3478d ago

We still get shafted on a daly basis. Where is the psn video store? Why is the US Home more superior. Why do we still not have SFHD on the ps store yet?. Why do we get most games a good week (resistance2 ring any bell?) later than the US. You can see where i'm going with this and the list goes on...

But anyway KZ2 is a start so keep it up SCEE.

Cajun Chicken3478d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping its a new start. I thought the one day delay of Bionic Commando: Rearmed was a new start too, but it obviously wasn't.

We'd better get Bomberman Ultra and Worms in fairly consistant dates.

The Hunter3478d ago

I think its not a new start, Killzone 2 is made in Holland (Europe) so ofcourse we (Europe) are in advantage.. Sony must do it with an non-europe product and then we can speak about a START!

Carbide73478d ago

Killzone 2 is a blessing to gamerkind, and Europe needs it's share too. And Guerrilla won't disappoint anyone.

The Hunter3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Its a bit strange that you must pre-order the game and then you have the demo.. but oke, it is now reversed, we have the advantage and the American people has bad luck.

George Sears3478d ago

I wouldn't necessarily call it bad luck. I mean, we can just cancel aour pre-order and get my money back or simply download it on your store. But I wont mess with your moment of spotlight. =P

Shine on my fellow comrades, shine on!

el_bandito3478d ago

I thought this guy was Optimus Prime. Turned out he's a Microsoft Windows Server specialist.

Anyway, I'm glad that Europe got the demo early. Soon all of us around the world will get to enjoy KZ2.

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