Top 5 SEGA Dreamcast Games

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: The SEGA Dreamcast was an excellent console and still has many games worth playing to this day. Despite being crushed by Sony during the launch of the Playstation 2, the SEGA Dreamcast has built a large cult following over the past few years. It comes as no suprise, because many excellent games that the Dreamcast offered were overlooked because of the looming shadow of the Playstation 2's launch. The Nightly Gamer has comprised a list of the Top 5 SEGA Dreamcast Games. Each of these titles are well worth your time, even in 2009.

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Cajun Chicken3450d ago

No Silent Scope? The VMU worked brilliantly for that.

Cajun Chicken3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I keep a DC mainly because of Powerstone 2, which I'm glad you mentioned too.

I really prefer Jet Set/Grind Radio than Jet Set Radio Future due to being able to actually paint the grafitti with the anologue stick, I felt a lot of the gameplay was removed in 'Future, its good. But Future ain't Jet Set/Grind radio.

Man, I wish Capcom would hurry up a new Powerstone title, Powerstone 2 gameplay online would be fantastic.

Heck, I have Typing of the Dead installed on every one of my computers too.

MrWeymes3450d ago

I agree that the graffiti system in Jet Grind Radio was better than Jet Set Radio Future, but I love Future as well. I'm dying for a new entry in the series.

Powerstone 2 was awesome as well. I prefer Top 5 lists because you really have to make sure that each game is deserving of it's spot. Powerstone 3 with more characters, attacks and current generation graphics would be amazing.

Marceles3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I never really caught onto Jet Set Radio, it was a good game but it didn't hit me like other games. I bought Jet Grind Radio and later bought Jet Set Radio Future on Xbox (actually it was bundled along with Sega GT) to see if it would hit me the 2nd time, but must be me. It was fun but it wasn't one of those games that kept me up at night because I had to play it. The rest of your list is great though. I'm actually glad you didn't put Soul Calibur in the top list since I played Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Street Fighter 3, and Dead or Alive 2 more. I can see JGR being #1 though since it's probably the most casual game out of the top 5 on the list, great list...

I would put one of the sports games at least in the honorable mention list hehe. NFL2K and NBA2K took over Live and Madden for a little while and Virtua Tennis is the most fun tennis game I've ever played.

MrWeymes3450d ago


I enjoyed Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2 and Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Out of the three, I think Marvel Vs Capcom 2 was the best.

Soul Calibur is great, but I don't think it deserves the immense praise it gets. Other fighting games competed with it at the time.

Tarmgar3450d ago

Sad that neither Powerstone game it on the list, but at least is made it on the nominees. It was the true beginning for future for 4 players battle royal games.

MrWeymes3450d ago

I agree.

At the time, I probably enjoyed Power Stone 2 a little more than Super Smash Bros.

I remember having some good times with a couple of friends.

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PoSTedUP3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

i have a totally different list (probably bc i was a lil bit younger)

#1 crazt taxi
#2 sonic
#3 house of the dead2
#4 NFL 2K3
#5 sno cross... tied with NBA 2k3 for 5th

@ cajun , damn man silent scope was awesome too i almost forgot about that game. dreamcast was filled with tons of crazy awesome games.

MrWeymes3450d ago

I loved Crazy Taxi as well. It was a nominee.

A agree about the Dreamcast being full of nostalgia. I remember it so fondly.

Cajun Chicken3450d ago

I love the way that the VMU would display where you were aiming at in black and white in SS, that was genius. I'm still waiting for the PSP to be used in such a way on the PS3, it can be done, I'm sure of it.

PoSTedUP3450d ago

hell yea, a psp silent scope would be a killer app!

Cajun Chicken3450d ago

Thinking about it, a PSP Silent Scope could work.
I actually meant the VMU feature showing a black and white silloette of where you were aiming at in the game when you looked down and looked at the controller, very cool. Very accurate too.

Rock Bottom3450d ago

Street Fighter III:Third Strike would be my #1.

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kewlkat0073450d ago

That game was awesome.

I wish SEGA would roll out a new Power Stone, we have no game like that on Next-Gen HD to battle Super Smah Bros. Imagine all the different characters they could bring together?

I suppose you could have 50+ characters if you wanted to...

Ok let me stop dreaming...

Cajun Chicken3450d ago

Well, actually you need to ask Capcom for more Powerstone, seeing Capcom is all out for making new releases in old franchises recently...and the whole DLC games multiplat can hope.

Shadow Man3450d ago

No game has ever been so original like Shadow Man!

greyfox2353450d ago


MrWeymes3450d ago

That is still in my head to this very day. Throughout the entire article, it's all I heard.

I yelled it twice. My girlfriend was worried.

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