Far Cry 2 patch to add 'Hardcore' multiplayer mode, rebalances weapons

We didn't know anyone wandered into Far Cry 2's expansive, hojillion-hour-long single-player campaign and somehow managed to make time to check out the game's multiplayer offerings, but apparently there's a sizable community of online FC2 players out there. This group has been calling for more realistic match settings for quite some time -- players can apparently catch more lead than Sonny Corleone and walk away with little more than a scratch and an interesting story.

Their pleas have been answered -- in a recent post on the FC2 community blog, the game's developers announced a patch which will, in addition to rebalancing the weapons in all multiplayer modes, add a more realistic "hardcore setting" to all match types. This mode will boost the damage for all weapons (ensuring speedier demises) and will let players tweak the "spawn times" (but not the "spawn rates", whatever that means). They didn't specify which platforms the patch will be landing on -- hopefully, they'll be affording a hasty death to all three.

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Arsenic133545d ago

Adding a predator mode would make me and all the ppl who bought the Instincts games, very happy. One can only dream.

Tempist3544d ago

Well I certainly hope the game lost a lost of review points for not having a multiplayer in the first place upon release.

...oh wait, it did't. Forgot about yee old double standards.

Carbide73545d ago

I loved the game. Yes, it does feel like a chore, it is repetitive, it does have annoying travel distances and ever respawning guards at all guard posts. But it did give freedom, or too much of it. And the gunplay was terrific. Great game. Try beating it on infamous

morganfell3545d ago

I would be happy if they would do something about those guard posts. At least allow the guards at the checkpoints to respawn AFTER 4-5 days instead of after I traveled half a klick down the road and back.

Carbide73545d ago

Yeah, I agree. But at the same time, it does make the game more difficult. I just accepted the game the way it was and had a great time.
It was better playing one mission a day, rather than play half of the whole game in a day. The repetitiveness was less noticeable when played that way, at least in my case it was.

morganfell3545d ago

I don't mind the difficulty but that is a cheap way to do it. In a game that pushed realism in some areas, they threw it out in others. Let me wipe out an outpost. It will take time for them to find out why they have lost contact and get replacements. Maybe I can do it twice. But you can bet after that they will beef up security for some time so I either have to really fight a platoon or take an alternate route until the post cools down and reinforcements leave. Let me buy intel or turn favors for my contacts in order to see what areas are still hot and using additional men.

And the guns exploding after a single day's use? Not a good idea. Jams if you didn't spend money on cleaning supplies, or tune ups from a gunsmith = good. Just exploding like the 4th of July = bad.

[email protected]3544d ago

How about stop the losing experience problem first and then concentrate on this kind of stuff ^^

y0haN3544d ago

Fix the single player game FFS, the sharpshooters with AKs 1KM away, the cars that suddenly go faster than you and the fact everyone shoots you as you try to go ANYWHERE. If you do the first two I don't care as much about the 3rd.

FireJackal3544d ago

Thats great =]
I love the immersion you get playing this game,it feels like you are really inside the game,and the multiplayer is fun also.The only thing that is annoying is the guard posts e the random car that shoot you.Besides that the game was one of the best shooters lest year.

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