Legit Reviews: NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Review

Legit Reviews writes: "Subjective reviews are always the toughest to write, so when I got my hands on the NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision kit for wireless stereoscopic 3D gaming just days before launch I didn't want to rush it."

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mrdxpr23447d ago

well i stoped reading after i saw the price eagh ..... its a great idea but with this economy why spend on something that is not that important if u have a console or a computer that can run games dont go out and spend over $600 on something thats not important and then go arguing with your wife, parents or any other people u live with because there is no milk in the house.... well if u can spend $600 on something for the comp u can defenetly spend it on food soo yeah ..... these our bad times we should be saving as much and getting important things ...thats why im still with out my ps3 :(

TheIneffableBob3447d ago

Where'd you get $600 from?

NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision is $199.

ThanatosDMC3447d ago

"I wear my sunglasses at night..." <--- screws up your eyes

osamaq3447d ago

when this will come to consoles ?!
Still don't know how does it look like on real game like kz2 or gears2,
which these games had not been built from the ground up to support 3D.

TheIneffableBob3447d ago

It will never come to consoles.

You have to run your games at 120 FPS on a 120 Hz monitor for it to work.

NoiseBringer3447d ago

Yeah wright, if you dont remember sony put the showcase of theres 3D gameing, on 3-4 games there was an article so check it again....

thezuur3447d ago

im just as hopeful as you for Sony to bring 3D. but i really doubt that we will see that for months to come and prob not till 2011.


xlr3447d ago

i am wondering why there is no ps3 3d glass available in market.

hope later nVidia will release a ps3 version of this product

nordberg3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I play Wipeout HD 3D and GT5 Prologue at CES...all you need its a PS3, a 120Hz monitor, the realD glass and a patch for the game (and sony don t want to give a patch for now :() So, sony give me the glass for free but i don't have patch and maybe sony will never release them...