411mania Review: Need For Speed Undercover

411mania writes: "Ever since the mid 90's, if you wanted a game that involved nice cars, speed and police chases, players did not need to look any further than the "Need for Speed" series. For many, this is considered one of the most venerable series to grace home consoles. A lot of gear heads love the idea of customizing their cars to add nitro, rims, vinyl and more. I however, was not one of those people. Do not get me wrong; when I played the first "Need for Speed" on the original Playstation, I thought it was interesting. However, I have not played the games following that. I was more of a "Burnout" person, who is more interested in crashing my cars than "pimping" them out.

In 2005, EA brought the franchise to next-gen with "Need for Speed: Most Wanted," on the Xbox 360. From what I have seen and read, the only things added to the game were the inclusion of hot women and FMV (Full Motion Video) sequences. For those unfamiliar with FMV, this is when developers decide to use real people in their cutscenes as opposed to CG (Computer Generated). Back then; the acting was horrendous in FMVs ("Resident Evil"). Now it is only a tad better, although not many companies use them anymore. Two more games in the series followed. Now, EA has released the latest entitled "Need for Speed: Undercover," for the Nintendo Wii. As stated before, I am not a fan of the series, however, I decided to give this one a shot for two reasons: it must be reviewed and Maggie Q is in the game. Has this game enticed me to want to hop on the bandwagon? Nope, but it is not that bad either."

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