GamerDad Review: Boogie: SuperStar

GamerDad writes: "Boogie: SuperStar is like two games in one. Create an avatar and customize your own look. Then send your virtual self out to compete in dance and vocal competitions. The singing portions of the game are similar to SingStar or Karaoke Revolution or the vocal parts of Rock Band. Sing along to more than 35 pop songs. You don't have to know the words, as long as you can sing in pitch, you'll pass. The game comes with an included microphone that hooks to one of the Wii's USB ports, and while it works fairly well, I didn't get too far because I can't carry a tune in a bucket with my voice.

The dancing portions of the game didn't fare much better, but I don't think it was a fault of mine. Use the motion sensing Wii remote to perform various dance moves with your arms. An on-screen diagram shows how to swing the remote, and you must do so in time with the beat. The problem here is some of the moves don't seem to register with the remote."

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