Aussie-Nintendo: Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels Review

Unfortunately, WiiMotion Plus was not announced until well into the development of this title (so there's no 1:1 motion control and it won't be compatible with the peripheral when it's released later this year) but Lightsaber Duels seems to fill the void for a saber-slashing game fairly satisfactorily. As mentioned earlier, players disappointed with the Duel Mode in The Force Unleashed may find some welcome improvements (arena sizes for example), although some of these may not seem too significant. If you're looking for a good title to duel against a friend with (or even play on your own), Lightsaber Duels is worth a look.

There's no Wi-Fi mode though, so it's limited to purely local play – perhaps in a future title this and WiiMotion Plus will be included, but Krome have done a decent job at putting the game together regardless. The inclusion of Yoda wouldn't have gone astray, though.

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