IGN Hands-On: Split Fish PS3 FragFX Controller

IGN previews Split Fish's upcoming PS3 controller, which is tailor-made to accomodate fans of first-person shooters who are accustomed to a button and mouse.

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Annihilator4306d ago

Developers should support mouse and keyboard.
They are just plain lazy !!

Bathyj4306d ago

They stole my idea. Well kinda. Ive always wanted a one handed controller to use with a mouse for FPS's. Obviously the mouse cant be beat for gaming but I always thought the keyboard could. As used as we are to the AWSD set up on the keyboard, the stick is way more ituative for charactor movement and keyboard buttons are digital too making them lack presision. I dont know why they dont support KB&mouse controls much on consoles but this thing looks like it doesn't need any actual support from the software. It just works like a controller. I wonder if split fish will put rumble in it. Also think of the contol options available having the thumbstick, motion control and mouse movement all in one controller. If I was a developer I'd be very interested in this controller.

r10004306d ago

Everyone has their own opinions, and thats fine but I don't see how people say keyboards and mouse are more accurate for playing games...

Torch4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

My main issue with playing FPS games with a gamepad is that you're relying a teensy-weensy analog stick, with such a relatively short movement span. Therefore, even the slightest distance can cause the screen cursor to move further than anticipated, thereby hindering accuracy. A mouse, on the other hand is so much more bang-on and intuitive. Otherwise, I've got no issues with the other gamepad controls for FPS (shooting, moving, strafing, etc.) With respect to these functions, I think I can somewhat agree with your opinion...other than the keyboard's overwhelmingly greater ability to customize the location of your functions.

By the way, I have the similar issue with Gran Turismo and the accelleration/braking buttons. Sure, it's great that the gamepad buttons support 256 steps of accuracy, but the "pressing" distance is so short, it becomes damn near impossible to precicely apply the gas/brake pressure you're aiming for. Having an actual pedal under your foot, however, is soooo much more accurate as a result of a longer throw, which will allow you to get a precise "feel" for the amount of gas you're applying.

So, in my opinion, this may be the answer I've been looking for.

I also agree with Annihilator, who says that keyboards and mice (or mouses???) support should be native in all console FPS's.

Violater4306d ago

lorl , i can see the fanboys now

Torch4306d ago

the messiah for my console FPS gripes???

I'm also a fan of the good ol' keyboard and mouse. This looks promising.

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