Game Boyz Review: Skate 2

GB writes: "When EA's Skate arrived on the scene last year it breathed some much needed life into an otherwise stale genre. Activision's Tony Hawk series has always been strong but it needed some stiff competition as many simply got tired of the same old same old. When the first Skate was released it not only provided the competition but it also outsold Tony Hawk's Proving Ground by a 2 to 1 margin. Skate's environments, control scheme, and soundtrack made it the must have Skateboarding game of 2008. So it comes as no surprise that the Skate franchise returns with a sequel, aptly titled Skate 2. The original Skate game was not a perfect game by any stretch and despite its success the game suffered in some areas. So when Skate 2 arrived I was looking to see if it addressed some of the original's shortcomings. Let's find out shall we."

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