1UP Reviews Tekken 5 on the PS3

Almost two years ago to the day, when 1UP reviewed Tekken 5 for PS2, they gave the game a generously high score, based less on the quality of Tekken 5's gameplay and more on the fact that it offered a virtual history of Tekken all on one disc. Sure, the collection aspects added fan service and replay incentive and the Devil Within mode offered Namco's now-customary extra bonus mode, which was a fun -- if disposable -- secondary diversion. But now that Namco has seen fit to offer what is clearly 1) one of the fledgling PlayStation Network's downloadable killer apps and 2) a clear middle finger to Sega (nice timing, releasing it hot on the heels of Virtua Fighter 5's release), Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection -- stripped of its auxiliary modes -- must stand on the merits of its own limited gameplay. How does it fare?

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Adriokor4308d ago

When the hell will this be available in Canada?

GaMr-4308d ago

Well I guess its true Graphics dont always matter. Im having more fun with this "Last Gen" fighter than I have had with Virtua Fighter 5... I might be trading My Virtua Fighter in Towards