Does Price Equal Worth on XBLA?

Unscripted360 has been thinking for a while about the price structure of the Xbox LIVE Arcade or more importantly how do people properly identify a game's worth? There doesn't seem to be any definite standard by Microsoft as games range in price from 400 - 1600 Microsoft Points.

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Cajun Chicken3448d ago

Points annoy me, I can't keep track of my money and its just a ploy to make you think you're richer than you already are and prices hardly vary.

andyo133448d ago

lets say every game is 800 points (8$), you can buy 1000 (10$) point cards only, once u buy a game you have 200 left over and you can't do anything with it, so in reality, your paying 10$ for an 8$ game, but the way its done it tricks us into thinking we only paid 8 when we actually paid 10.

from what i know both sony and nintendo do this as well. i currently have 200 points on my wii console that im NEVER going to use, they managed to steal 2 bucks off me(more than that actually but i duno the exact number)

the itunes store how ever will charge exactly the price of what you buy. if its $1.70 you pay $1.70 not $2.00

Bnet3433448d ago

one good thing about having points over real life money is no tax

MGOelite3448d ago

what i wanna know is why they used points to start with? why didnt they have it like PSN where you add real money, is to try and fool people by thinking 800 points equals £8 (heard this from my idiot m8 with a 360) instead of £6

Axis3448d ago

My guess would be that since you have to purchase points to buy games, you always end up with some left over afterward. By doing this, it would compel us as the buyer to want to purchase more things from the marketplace. The catch is though, you end up buying more points to cover the next purchase and always find yourself left with currency you don't need.

Right now I have 700pts on my account that are just sitting there because I refuse to buy another 300 just to get an 800 point game.

Cajun Chicken3448d ago

Exactly. I know PSN does a similar thing too by making me top up at least £5, but at least I can keep track of my money and price varies and oh, god the ridiculous amount of DLC for stuff that should be included in XBLA games is terrible.

Just look at the cost for access to Worms landscapes and Bomberman packs in order to get the full game. Should of been included in the game in the first place.

crck3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

You guys are both right. 400 ms points equals $5US in hopes of trying to confusing people and making them think its $4 instead of $5. Anyone that has seen a podcast has seen the point system confuse people talking about game prices on xbla. They also have preset funky amounts so people always have something left over and have to buy more then they need. Which will likely make them buy something in the future since they already have some points in their account. Its evil but that's MS for you.

TheFART at Xbotkings3448d ago

I heard Micro$haft is offering a new bundle deal over the Xbot marketplace.

The RROD patch and Major Nelsons Christmas Fireplace screensaver for 2000 Microsoft Points.

GiantEnemyLobster3448d ago

Kinda like how the PStards get all of these free patches and lengthy installs for all of their games.

kewlkat0073448d ago

I know this is some sort of trick, sorta like "MSG" and "Chinese food".

Oh Axis answered this...

anubis123448d ago

80 points $1 dollar...simple as that. i cant track of my money booo hooo...what do you really waste that much money on points....if so thats your own fault. its called download the freaking trail game for free every game has one. can you not do simple math in your head.

crck3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Why should consumers have to do math if they want to buy something? Simple or not its anti-consumer. BTW having a 80 to 1 conversion rate is not simple. Simple would be 100 to 1 or 1 to 1. If you can think of a logical reason not to use either of those instead please let me know.

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