Unscripted360: Halo Wars Demo Impressions

Unscripted360 downloaded and played the Halo Wars demo this weekend. They must say that they were impressed. Ensemble Studios did a really good job making the game approachable on all levels. They had no difficulty in learning the controls and dishing out Spartan justice.

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MGOelite3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

agreed + bubbles, only good thing is the awnsome CGI

chaosatom3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

where is bomboclaat_gamer when you need to call a 7 here.

lord_of_balrogs3447d ago

The demo is actually fun, the only thing I dislike is that I can't build defenses.

Why dis3447d ago

Sounds that way right? Go play it lol.

loved it.

oOLightOo3447d ago

maybe the next halo will have that kinda graphics? lol

JOLLY13447d ago

try adding towers to your bases. They are rad. I don't know what other sorts of defenses you are looking for but you sure can have some funny towers at your bases.

SRU96003446d ago

"Badass cutscenes
maybe the next halo will have that kinda graphics? lol"

If it does, Sony might as well just stop making Playstations. lol

Those cutscenes look amazing.

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MGOelite3447d ago

wow this sounds terrible, you gotta wonder why they got ensemble to make a RTS when they could just milk the series for a FPS what would sell to the fanbots

Arnon3447d ago

Just as terrible as Metal Gear Online... nah, pretty sure it dominates that.

MGOelite3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

nah MGO was mint, but konami really screwed it over with konami ID, that is the only problem, tell me 1 other reason why it was rubbish? it was a great tactical shooter

Arnon3446d ago

Durr I don't know.. tell me 1 reason why it is good?

TheFART at Xbotkings3447d ago

While playing the Gaylo Wars demo all 5 of my Patchbox Please-Fix-Me's all just RROD'ed at the same time due to the latest doucheboard update.

But hey i'm a sucka for sh!t technology, so i will just buy 5 more Xbug 3Shittys and give +5 to the M$ intall base.

GiantEnemyCrab3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Looks like the Mart has a fanboy! He must of really owned you to actually go out of your way to create an account that makes fun of his name. Do you lay awake at night thinking about his as well?

TheFART at Xbotkings3447d ago

says the idiot who can't admit GiantEnemyLobster is his troll account.

Sez 3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

yeah that is sad. to have a fanboy idolize you enough to create a account using you identity. hope to god i'm not that lucky. just plain sad.

Man_of_the_year3447d ago

Guys this is the Open Zone - would you expect anything less in this zone? He is clearly just another programmed droid who's mind has been completely reformatted through Sony's BS and propaganda.

You know what they say - when you argue with an idiot - viewers from afar can't tell the difference who the idiot is...

karlostomy3447d ago

It's probably another one of Juuken's multiple accounts.

GiantEnemyCrab3447d ago

TheFART: I will give you my PS3, Xbox 360 and HDtv if you can prove that I am GiantEnemyLobster. I have no idea who that person is but I often refer to him as "my brother from another mother".

I know you want to deflect your stupidity to something else but I think it's painfully obvious you have a bit of a crush on TheMART. I hear he has a way with the ladies so I'm sure he has your snatch all juicy. It's okay, I don't swing that way but I can respect your life choices.

GiantEnemyLobster3447d ago

Me and Crab are two different people, as if everyone didn't know that already (except theFart)

TheColbertinator3447d ago

lol Nasim you got owned by Vega,Man of the Year,Karlos,Crab,and Lobster.

Open Zone FTW


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Trekster_Gamer3447d ago


Me thinks this moron should STFU,,,,,,

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