Vandal Online: Killzone 2 Review

Preceded by dramatic expectation, which a similar level of demand, Killzone 2 is not perfect, but it is magnificent. It is a clear representation of what the Playstation 3 can do. It has excellent gameplay and a tremendous immersive style.

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Sevir043448d ago

even no name sites that show up are giving this game high scores. i doubt sony has the cash to pay sites we havent even heard of.. this gam is the talk of the town.

chidori6663448d ago

this review is in metacritics?

Gambit073448d ago

I bet Edge will be like "our score only reflects the single player game ".

GiantEnemyLobster3448d ago

Haha only a C Title. Can't even get a B Title... let alone an A title.. let alone a TRIPLE A TITLE.

Queers of War3448d ago

bu bu bu bu bu EDGE!!!!

go stick to that review all you want

its like saying ferrari is a better car than a honda in every single way....except the honda has more cup holders, therefore honda is the better car. thats what your crying sounds like

Aclay3448d ago

"Haha only a C Title."

Since when did one review score out of tons of high 8's, 9's and 10's become a reflection of a game? You are definantly living in fanboy land.

Killzone 2 is AAA son. If you cared that much about KZ2 just to troll about it, obviously it shows your jealously.

Zool 083448d ago

wrong! KZ2 is AAAA only EDGE didn't see it that way. Never mind Lobster just ask the Crab.

thebudgetgamer3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

and i expect the full game will be fun as well.

the only question is who is going to be my first tea bagging victim.

could it be you?


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