Into The Sandbox: Is Freeform Gameplay Really The Future?


"Complete freedom has always been the holy grail of gaming. Sandbox Gameplay in games such as GTA3 and Crackdown have shown the potential for setting a player loose in a world with nought but their imagination (and usually several dozen guns).

But should we really want our games to tear down their walls and send us out squinting into a blinding world of possibilities?"

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gaminoz3517d ago

On one hand you get the great set-pieces and story-telling in more linear corridor shooters, but on the other the freedom you can get in sandbox games makes it so you can make up your own fun!

Hopefully we will have both: COD: WAW worked with its more restrictive play but so did Far Cry 2 with the open style. I'd love to see a blend of something like MOH: Airborne with Brothers In other words more freedom and open pathways like in a level like Adanti in Airborne, but more tactical AI and gameplay like BIA.

HighDefinition3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Well that depends on how much space you got to work with.


thats_just_prime3516d ago

In a way sandbox games are still linear. Take GTA 4 no matter how many times you play or what all you do in the game (not like there much to do) you'lll meet the same people and you kill the same guys ( other then a caouple you can choose not to kill) you'll betrayed by the same poeple ans it will alway happen in the same order. So while the game play is non linear story telling will always be linear

Sasanova3517d ago

no its not. its retarded to think that. why? why the fuk would u want that? thats like saying u want to play only RPG games from now on...or just FPS and never play another fighting game again...

u want a freeroam street fighter too? stfu, u dont deserve an opinion

Immortal Kaim3517d ago

reported for being a tool. If you want to get your point across don't speak like an immature child. Hopefully you get a nice long ban

poindat3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Neither is better. Both styles of gameplay each have their own merits and demerits, but the success is really based on the individual games. You wouldn't judge all linear shooters on games such as Haze when there is some great quality out there. Likewise on sandbox games.

REALgamer3517d ago


But if one style pulls in more money I'm sure developers will follow it, and at the moment sequels to many popular series are going free-roaming like Farcry 2 and Prince of Persia because sandbox games are selling really well.

Acj23233517d ago

Well I don’t think it’s the complete future, there will be linier games. But I guess as games are developed the companies who make them have free dome in their mind, because if you compare games from today’s market to games when they were first developed, there is allot more freedom into day’s games and maybe it will always be that way.

Cajun Chicken3517d ago

The worst thing to worry about is the demise of the healthbar (units) all this recharging health gimmick is annoying me. Just stop it, be different. Its like freaking bullet-time all over again.

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