PS3 Blog: 3 on 3 NHL Arcade Review

PS3Blog writes:

"3 on 3 NHL Arcade is a fun and addictive action packed game, it also looks very well polished, with bobbleheaded hockey players flying up and down the ice in a manic fashion. If you are looking for a game on PSN that can give you a quick fix then this is most certainly it. At £6.29 this is probably the bargain of the century."

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X12Celtics33478d ago

The demo for this game is amazingly addicting.

legendkilla3478d ago

i bought the game! lots of fun!

Vitalogy3477d ago

this isn't worth the €7.99 at all.

This is a PSN game to be priced at €4.99 at the most. Its funny i know, has online play i know but, only 2 teams and single player mode isn't a must plus the sounds can be a little annoying after a while and the whole game can be boring too early too.