Study: Video Games Parallel Drug Use, Self-Esteem Issues (PC World)

"Is the whole "playing video games makes you such-and-such" debate spinning your head round your shoulders like Linda Blair's? It is mine, possibly heading towards a pea soup moment.

You can't swing a news feed without smacking into a new study claiming there's a link between violent games and aggression. Or drug use. Or social astuteness. Or the chance that gameplay ergonomics could lead to epigenetic postural deficits in your offspring (I kid about that last, but trust me, it's coming.)"

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HighDefinition3445d ago

I play games, smoke la and think I`m the sh!t.

I guess their right.

mbanatech253445d ago

damn b!tch! have been a hardcore gamer for long but i ain't taking sh!t, violence?please!!!