VGnerd: Killzone Demo Impressions

The guys over at VGnerd have played through the demo, and have taken a closer look at the graphics, sound, controls, and gameplay that Killzone 2 is all about. Instead of just saying that it's great or it sucks, they break down all things good and bad alongside of what might come in the final release. Hit the jump to find out more.

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killzone2flop3481d ago

So i take it he wasn't too impressed and a little bit disappointed i'll guess i will cancel my pre-order.

phantomshadow3481d ago

Lawlz, please read the article before making comments.

MGOelite3481d ago

if you pulled your head outta your mothers bush you would know that the guy likes the demo so STFU and dig back in

atttentionshore3481d ago

everytime I click killzone 2 news all I see is banjo-kazooie
why is that?

queerbearandchicken3481d ago

your name is killzone2flop, and yet, you say you preordered it?

dont contradict yourself you bear&chicken loving f***

DK_Kithuni_713481d ago

Come on, man. It's just a game. It may be the best FPS untill now and on the PS3 but it's still just a game. The PS3 is just a console. It may be the best console untill now and better than the Xbox but it's still just a console. Get over it. Get with the program. Get rid of that RROD piece of crap. Get a PS3. Get it?

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VGNerdCom3481d ago

You should actually read the article :p

LTC3481d ago

1UP scored tis game with 100/100
Pvssyclaat tsk

bomboclaat_gamer3481d ago


tsk tsk

1up r fanboys


PStriple7033481d ago

are you even a teenager? I mean come on let's grow up....
and you call yourself a gamer...

chaosatom3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Also click agree if you think that he is a annoying troll and acting gay.

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X12Celtics33481d ago

Good thing that Edge's review is the definitive review, and that all other reviews are completely and utterly irrelevant...

People who do those things are stupid. Its fine that you are acting against his trolling, but responding to trolling by calling him gay just makes you look like you are afraid of somebody not liking your precious game.

chaosatom3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

He is acting gay, meaning that he is acting really really annoyingly. Not 'is gay' I am not calling him an idiot or moron and everything else (as much as I like to) to insult him directly.

Carbide73481d ago

I think I've played through this more than 20 times already and it's incredible, I beat it using only the side arm,without dying, twice.
And btw, I prefer the standard controls to Alt2
It just feels right.

celldomceen13481d ago

yea i agree after you put the time in with the original control set its feels right. I guess those guys at gg knew what they were doing, imagine that.

chaosatom3481d ago

I find that you can get used to both.

I don't like cover so much sometimes, but it's a matter of preference.

Carbide73481d ago

Yeah, aiming while in cover while using alt2 is just plain awkward.

thebudgetgamer3481d ago

i love alt 2 with the hold zoom


Carbide73481d ago

I'm pretty sure there's easily a fair share of people, especially them who get their daily dose of CoD4 who prefer Alt2.

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