5 new Mass Effect Screens

New screens of the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Mass Effect

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kornbeaner4303d ago

but are these in-gameplay models or Cg models?

Looks great either way.

Antan4303d ago

Highly impressive indeed!!!

SimmoUK4303d ago

Looks good, the Unreal Engine is an impressive one. How much the general public will get the Sci-Fi theme is yet to be seen though, plus you've got to think what else is going to be out on the market by then ;)

Grown Folks Talk4303d ago

is what the kids will be playin on the streets. you just gonna comb your hair playboy? just gonna do your taxes... crunch numbers? that's what's hot?

FeralPhoenix4303d ago

This is definitely one of the games that I'm very excited about....I love Sci-Fi stuff, so this was always a must have for me.

THAMMER14303d ago

I'm a serious Halo fan but this game will be all over the place like gears of war. They are going to have a play able Demo at this weeks game confrence I think the press are going to be blown away. The PICs are in game. Sorry to let you guys^^^^ down though. LOL

Bathyj4302d ago

God I hope it steals awards from Halo. As much as we all like Halo, its just an overated, pretty shooter. Its a great game, I'm not knocking it but this game will have the kind of depth and replayabily to rival Oblivion. Looks really good.

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The story is too old to be commented.