Kombo: Moon Review

Kombo writes: "When the DS was first unveiled, one of the most impressive titles at E3 was Metroid Prime: Hunters. When we got a chance to play the game behind closed doors, we figured that the FPS genre would be very well represented on the DS, but years later it has had a fairly minor showing. It's not that the DS isn't fully capable of having great FPS games; it just seems that the genre became a bit of an afterthought for many developers. Well, after the success of Dementium: The Ward, Renegade Kid quickly got to work on Moon. Dementium proved that the FPS genre was still viable on the DS, and Moon is looking to take things to a new level. Moon fuses together solid FPS gameplay with a nice heaping of adventure gaming to create an early bright spot for the DS library in 2009."

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