GTAIV: DLC 2 Star Revealed? Reports: "Last night as many of you may have heard, a new theory has come to surface about the possible character in DLC #2. On the mission "Museum Piece" you get a get a glimpse of Johnny, which many of you may not remember. During this mission you get the achievement "Impossible Trinity" we then meet the star of The Lost and Damned, which is DLC #1. Now the 3rd character is called Louis and he was the guy who came in and broke up the meeting, and they are saying the "trinity" are those three characters, that were all their at that moment in time. GameTrailers is calling this the "linchpin" or a pre-cursor to revealing all of the characters which were right under our nose! Check out the image below!"

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bomboclaat_gamer3596d ago

how many DLC will there be?

p.s. KZ2 = 7

Blaze9293596d ago

The Xbox 360 is getting one more exclusive DLE (downloadable EPISODE, stop calling it "dlc" people) this year. Then from there I guess the next GTA rumored by who was it, 1up? That one drops next as a new game, not dlc, dle, whatever.

bomboclaat_gamer3596d ago

its still content that is downloadable

WhittO3596d ago

@ Blaze

Erm, well if it is not DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT ( D L C ) then what is it ?

Blaze9293596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Downloadable Episodes? Thats where the misconception is coming from with this "episode". People still think its just a few new missions and weapons adding more "content". Really, it adds NOTHING to GTA4, its basically its own game. Well...i wouldnt say it adds nothing to GTA4 but you get my point

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IllusionRSN3596d ago

Two that are confirmed, Microsoft paid $50 Million to have 2 exclusive DLC for Xbox360 only. There may be more, but 2 is confirmed.

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farhsa20083596d ago

people still play this game?

bomboclaat_gamer3596d ago

i guess ur in the furute. u played the second DLC already?

rko_kero3596d ago

"i guess ur in the furute. u played the second DLC already?"

HAHAHA. Nice, 2 "episodes".

poindat3596d ago

Get a clue man, that was one of the most pathetic uses of four bubbles I have ever seen.


GTA 4 isn't talked about much anymore, but you can bet that there are still plenty of people playing it. I still play it when I grow bored with my other games, and a quick hop online will reveal that there is still a very active (although largely noobish as I have come to see) community.

DNAgent3596d ago

I doubt anyone would really care about mediocre DLC for a piece of garbage game. I think most people have already sold GTA4 by now anyways after realizing that it is the worst GTA game in the series.

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