More PlayStation Home Love Next Week

Community manager CydoniaX hints at more PS Home love next week.

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uie4rhig3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

seriously tho.. i haven't bothered launching home since a day after it's release..

my opinion i guess.. but interesting that they are pushing it forward.. only thing im waiting for is a CoD4 launch room and when KZ2 is here, KZ2 launch room as well.. give me that, and i promise you i will be on there almost every day :)

The gaming GOD3393d ago

I say that because I remember reading that both SF 4 and Resident Evil 5 would be getting HOME spaces

Cajun Chicken3393d ago

I want virtual versions of Insomniac's and Naughty Dog's offices to walk around. I really thought this type of stuff was going to arrive early in Home.

Firestorm3393d ago

Home is my favourite game this gen

3393d ago
Cajun Chicken3393d ago

Well, I was talking about developer spaces, not actual game spaces. Wouldn't it be cool to walk around virtual developers studios, like in Ratchet and Clank in the Insomniac Museum, thats what I expected. Not just game themed areas.

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poindat3393d ago

I haven't even touched Home yet, but it is good to know that they are actively working on and expanding it. If they would just add more functionality and more activities, I would be all over it.

Trebius3393d ago

I visited home the very first time it was presented to us. I was very excited about's appealing to the eye, there's people to chat with and connect, and there's also a cool little UFO game that has no purpose, but fills in 10 minutes of your life if you're bored.

I was extremely disappointed, but then you begin to realize it's a BETA for a reason.

What we're supposed to absorb from home is the POTENTIAL it has...not what it is right now or what it was when it started.

The Movie theater kept playing 1 music video and a Twilight movie trailer OVER AND OVER AND OVER, to the point where I wanted to spit at my screen in disgust...Twilight was terrible, and that music video was just (sideshow bob mutter).

What I do know is that once companies begin to settle in and purchase space on home, and some tweaks get worked out like easier P2P conferencing and game invites, it'll be amazing.

I havent visited since the first thursday it was released...but I bet if i visit again this summer, it'll be a whole new experience and I'll love it.

batman2million3393d ago

i can't get on home.

it keeps giving me "download content error" kinda crap.

plus i didn't find home that appealing anyways.

Gambit073393d ago

What happened to the EA spaces?

3393d ago
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