PS3 Getting DVD Upscaling

In concluding his marathon interview with N'Gai Croal, Phil Harrison let slip that the PS3 was soon going to feature DVD upscaling.

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JIN KAZAMA4305d ago

Is really commin out with some bangin news. PS2 and PS1 games upscaling, now DVD upscaling. Truly awesome. Great Job Sony.

FordGTGuy4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

but for a system a year late these are features needed at launch.

Memo to Phil Harrison the bald look doesn't go good with you unless thats just a horrible picture.

CaliGamer4305d ago

Commenting on another man's looks, kinda funny for a Guy to be judging another man in that way. This is bananas, if I were FordGT and spent all my days trying to find something wrong with Sony I would be really concerned right about now.
And yes, a year ago the 360 was missing many of the features it now has but all of sudden when Sony is going through the same process 360 fans get selective amnesia. It's sad to see but I guess when all you have is the 360 what can you do.
Half the time 360 fans are the firs to post on PS3 news, shows me that they are watching closely because they are really scared. Go look at your upcoming 360 news, I'm sure MS is announcing some good stuff soon, right?.....

fenderputty4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Late or not, it's coming. Why do you need to try to slam good news?

kingboy4305d ago

Sweet dude! sony`s had enough from the bad press

Apocalypse Shadow4305d ago

sometimes it takes time to add all the features you didn't have a lot of features on 360 at launch.but you and all these other fanboys want to have double has to have a million games at launch.they got to have better than live at launch.they got to have all games on for bc at launch.they got to have rumble.

well sony is kicking all you fanboys in the face with all this good just never stops.and the games are here and more are coming.

WOW!sony,roll on with your bad self!

IPlayGames4305d ago

freakin A shadowhamer. i got a 360 just because i couldnt get a PS3 at launch and thqat thing has been collecting some major dust sence i got the S3 after halo and mass effect i dont know wut else to look forward 2. but to stick to the topic DVD's already look better in the S3 then in a reg. player so if there gonna improve. sweet

zantetsuken4305d ago

Glad the positive news is flowing.

THe beats is starting to pick up speed.

Sony will officially let the cat out of the bag at GDC, this GDC belongs to Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.