Massively: One Shots: I can do this blindfolded

Every day, brave Order adventurers in Warhammer Online face fearsome monsters - and Destruction players - for the good of the land. Today's One Shots sent in to Massively by Rumil Silverdawn, a Swordmaster from the Prophecy guild on the Ostermark server, who joined up with a group of his fellow friends and set off for their own adventure. Rumil writes in: "Here's a shot of me in a group from my guild, Prophecy, about to head into the dungeon Sigmar's Crypts. You guys had talked about if grouping was a big draw to MMOs recently and I'd like to say grouping and social interaction is the #1 reason I play MMOs. I never pass up a chance to group to take down some bosses! We're all for taking down bosses too, but doing it blindfolded?"

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