Left 4 Dead Stole Resident Evil Outbreak Concept

By now, many of you already know the success the Valve has brought with their recent release, Left 4 Dead! While the game sold good, many called it something new to survival horror! If you haven't had a chance to play Left 4 Dead, you should give it a go. However...

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hippo243474d ago

Ohh sorry I clicked on this think it was a RELIABLE source.

Firestorm3474d ago

hip hop gamer is about as reliable as my first 360

hippo243474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

These HHG things need to stop

and I need to stop double posting.

Arsenic133474d ago

Im sorry you cant trade mark zombie outbreaks.
Hiphopgamer, Shut the f**k up already. You blow, no proof, no sources. Just your mindless banter.

hydro-lx3474d ago

have you ever played outbreak? if you have you will see what i mean, it is the exact same thing...

hippo243474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

No they are not.
Besides the fact that there are zombies in both, they're they pretty radically different.

Like besides zombies Im struggling for a similaritie.

IrishAssa3474d ago

they are the same concept actually, pick a survivor, get to the end of stage, start new stage, gameplay is very different though

lord_of_balrogs3474d ago

Most of the article is crap but I do agree on one point, the Resident Evil 5 AI. I hope a harder dificulty will make the AI less stupid. As for game being not dark enough, the first 3 levels are in the daylight but when it hits the 4 act the rest of the game goes dark.

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