GameTrailers TV Episode 202 - Chapter 1 - 4

GameTrailers writes: "Chapter 1: Cruisin' Characters!

Who's who in Rockstar's upcoming DLE? Also, we premiere a rockin' never-before-seen cut scene from the game!

Chapter 2: Guns, Gangs and Gameplay

GTTV looks into the new gameplay elements in The Lost and Damned. Plus, Daniel goes to Canada and checks out 3 on 3 NHL Arcade.

Chapter 3: Biker Emissions

Same city, new crime! What missions will you and your gang tackle in the DLE? Also, Amanda previews some new iPhone games.

Chapter 4: A Grand Future?

With one DLE episode almost out, what does Rockstar have next? Plus, we share exclusive new Left 4 Dead DLC info!"

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