Rumor: Killer Instinct 3 For Xbox 360 And New Syphon Filter For PS3

BlendGames Reports: "I've never been a fan of rumors; for ones that pay off they're excellent for the childish but necessary response of "I told ya so!" However, when a rumor falls flat on its face it just makes the rumor starter feel like shrinking into the back of a dark room. In this case, one of the rumors is actually closer to being a first party announcement by either Microsoft or Sony. Can you guess which game that might be? "

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sonarus3597d ago

Syphon filter with the same quality and excellence of PSP versions would be incredible. It even had a pretty decent multiplayer. Whats most important to me is that its not a half-assed game. They should take their time assemble resources make a respectable game engine with good graphics and excellent gameplay. Going to the PS3 they will have to step their game up about 2 notches to roll with the big boys

Gamers have been screaming for this KI3 rumor forever. It will happen sooner or later

fishd3597d ago

Original SF is coming with the new qore for free,hmmmm... I wonder why...

sonarus3597d ago

Where is your source for this awesome info

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IzKyD13313597d ago


Thanks for putting that image into my head

N4360G3597d ago

Syphon Filter on the PS3 would be awesome,Killer Instinct 3 by Rare? thanks LOL.

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Kratos193597d ago

Hell yes, a new Syphon Filter game would be the BEST damn news ever. Do it, Sony!

IllusionRSN3597d ago

Agreed, I'd love a new Syphon Filter.

blu3print3597d ago

should they announce a new Syphon Filter but they should also debut with footage and hint at a 09 release

PirateThom3597d ago

Two franchises that would be very welcome.

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The story is too old to be commented.