Impressions: Killzone 2 Demo - "A PC Gamer's Perspective"

First impressions are usually the most telling. And from experience that the demo provides, it seems like Killzone 2 just might be the triple-A shooter that Sony needs to compete with Microsoft's big guns.

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M337ING3598d ago

A very impressive game. I enjoyed the demo

t1mb3r7and3598d ago

Agreed. I think this may already be my game of the year. Nothing much else interests me on this year's release calendar...

Buttons3598d ago

Speak too soon, you should not, young padawan.

I don't know whether your specific to one console or not but there are some really good games coming out along with KZ2 this year.

solar3598d ago

i didnt really enjoy the demo that much. the aiming was annoying and the graphics didnt really impress me too much either. good but not this all mighty end all that everyone keeps blabbing about.

M337ING3598d ago

Agreed, I'm looking forward to a ton of games: Empire: Total War, Dragon Age, DOW2, etc...

edwineverready3598d ago

beauty is in the details. like when you leave footprints in the inside corridors. the graphics also didn't impress me at first but after awhile i saw alot of small beauty.

JsonHenry3598d ago

I think the game looks amazing given the platform it is on. Obviously a PC gamer has already played better looking games.

For me it is the "weight" of the game. Everything just "feels" like you actually controlling your character instead of some static avatar holding a gun in front of yourself.

Anyway, graphics are good but nothing ground breaking when compared to current PC games. But compared to other console FPS games it looks fantastic.

N4360G3598d ago

Yep,the Killzone 2 demo was awesome,only 20 more days until Killzone 2 is released!!

solar3598d ago

ill play it again tomorrow....see if i can see the lil things....given the platform the graphics are pretty good. but better than crysis? seriously? no way in hell.

and from the demo....the game play wasnt much to desire. it was very short....and didnt show me anything that was "omg i need to buy this now!"

evrfighter3598d ago

Don't know about this guy..he doesn't come off as a pc gamer and doesn't list any games he's played which is a common habit among pc gamers. His article comes off as a review more than a "Pc gamer perspective"

that and what pc gamer refers to iron sights as "looking down the sights" (minor nitpick)

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MGOelite3598d ago

it might not beat every pc game but it sure as hell blows every 360 game outta the water

CaseyRyback_CPO3598d ago

It kills everything ever made under the Unreal Engine. Thats 90% of games.

M337ING3598d ago

Well, 1.1. That's the advantage of using an engine that is specifically tailored for a platform's strengths. I'm sure if MS put the money and time into developing a game with an engine tailored to the 360's hardware, it would at least come close to the visuals offered in KZ2.

NegativeCreep4273598d ago

Oh yeah, and maybe Rosie O' Donnell might become President one day.

Cajun Chicken3598d ago

Agree with that choice of words. I hope that shuffling has created some decent inhouse at last.

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Nathaniel_Drake3598d ago

Just more confirmation of how special this game is

yojoe263598d ago

the demo about five or six times now and LOVE it! I had a few issues with the controls at first, but when I switched the controller setting to Alternate 2 I thought it was PERFECT. I agree with this guy on his comment on the use of swear words. I know some people will probably pick at me for saying this, but I sure wish there was a way to turn off swear words on a game. I think this totally hurts their sales of a game by narrowing the demographic. I will of course buy the game, but I will almost undoubtedly have to miss out on the incredible sound due to the fact that I will probably have to play with the sound turned off or way down. I don't want my wife or friends walking through and hear a bunch of f-bombs. That's just my opinion on the matter. Amazing game though...

villevalorox3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

ok. We all know cod4 did not reinvent the fps genre. But it did it right and well. And that's what killzone 2 is doing after cod4. Its not trying to be cod4, its not copying off cod4 it's doing what everyone likes. and if you call that copying your dumb. (btw im not talking to anyone on here just putting this out there) It would be dumb to try to reinvent the fps genre. Killzone 2 is playing it very smart. As cod4 did. Looks good, plays good and has that amazing replay value and a good storyline. to be honest that's hard to find in games these day.

* today i had a friend over and he is an xbox fanboy. it's funny. When i showed him killzone 2 he says "thats gay. that looks like sh!t. My lord of the rings looks better than that. now ill never buy a ps3 because this is such a big disappointment, that looks like sh!t. Look when you run it blurs the screan on you and you cant see anything."

I don't see why people cant be happy for the game and look at how advanced our games are getting.

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