Battle Fantasia Coming To PS3 As A PSN Download?

Last year Aksys brought Battle Fantasia to North America, but it was only for Xbox 360s here. Strangely, a PS3 version of Battle Fantasia exists - an English version of Battle Fantasia. Europe got it thanks to 505 Games.

Now things have changed. It looks like there is a chance the PS3 version of Battle Fantasia could come to North America in a rather peculiar way. The ESRB re-rated Battle Fantasia as an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and "PSN via PS3 game". Huh. So, Aksys is planning to distribute a retail PS3 game as a PlayStation Network download? We've seen this happen before with games like Warhawk, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, and Siren: Blood Curse which unlike the rest of the world was only a PSN download here.

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Gambit073595d ago

Good idea to distribute this on the PSN, but the price shouldn't be more then $14.99

SAiOSiN3595d ago

never heard of this game. wut genre is it?

Sevir043595d ago

This just better proves sony's digital delivery of full retail games and more to simply add to there repertoire, ^^ awesome. though i want Blaz Blu instead because thats the next gen Guilty Gear.

[email protected]3595d ago

Hmmm, I rather prefer a physical copy but if thats the only option to get the game... so be it!. I hope include trophy ^^