G4TV NYCC 2009: BJ Blazkowicz Is Back! 'Wolfenstein' Impressions

G4TV writes: "Raven, id and Activision showed off Wolfenstein at a pre-New York Comic Con event. While I wasn't allowed to get my hands on the game, Peter Sokal, community manager for id, was on the sticks to provide the guided tour. Unsurprisingly, Sokal was mum on the game's release, "It'll ship when it's done. I know, we should probably trademark that line and have other developers pay us five bucks every time they use it."

The game once again pits you as American Army ranger BJ Blazkowicz against a whole passel of Nazis for some first-person shooter mayhem. This time around, major plot elements of sci-fi and occult black magic keep this game from reminding you of Call of Duty: World at War. 'When you take into account the science fiction and the mysticism, calling Wolfenstein a good WWII game is like calling the original Indiana Jones a great WWII movie.'"

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