Killzone 2, SFIV lead PS3 game sales at retailer

Sony Corp.'s Killzone 2 and Capcom Co.'s Street Fighter IV led overall game sales for the Playstation 3 at retailer this weekend.
Killzone 2 ranked as the No. 1 selling PS3 title on Sat., followed by Street Fighter IV at No. 2.

Amazon this month is selling Killzone 2 below $55 in a new coupon promotion.

In the offer, customers who use the coupon code KZ2SAVE5 at checkout will receive an additional $5 off the $59.99 pre-sale price.

Killzone 2 will be released on Feb. 27.

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Kamikaze1353477d ago

Who wants to play Street Fighter IV with the 360's D-pad? I'm not trying to hate on it, but it's hard to play this sort of game with that thing.

Maddens Raiders3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

if you think the PS3 rocks and is currently the best and most feature - ladened console for the value.

Press disagree if you think the PS3 is trash and will ultimately fail; eventually to be dropped by Sony, sooner rather than later.

(this is a survey)

eagle213477d ago

@Maddens...who in their right mind could hit disagree?....only a

Lifendz3477d ago

that dpad can't even handle Gears of War.

Coheno3477d ago

I'm definitely getting both for my PS3!

silverchode3477d ago

im getting kz2 for my 360 :)

MAR-TYR-DOM3477d ago


for you benefit, lot of people dont understand what that means. You might have gotten a million disagrees and lose bubbles.

Thoreau3477d ago

you are right, the 360 pad is not a fighting game pad. everyone likes to talk about arcade sticks but the base of most sticks are square, meaning you will easily miss your neutrals and angles. the arcade joysticks that have circle bases are the best ones for hands that are not asian.

Bombomb3477d ago

youll get pwned with a fighter stick..

where did you pull this one out? "base of most sticks are square, meaning you will easily miss your neutrals and angles."


Tacki3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

You're way off man. An arcade stick is easily the best form of control when it comes to 2D fighters (Street Fighter IV is on a 2D plane) and many 3D fighters. Not that there's anything wrong with playing on a pad of some sort, but there are certain motions that are extremely difficult or sometimes impossible on a pad. Of course this would probably only matter to those at high level play.

Most arcade sticks do have a square gate, which means that the distance from stick's neutral position is farther at the corners, which makes diagonal inputs feel different from forward, back, down, and up. To me this is ideal for fighters... but some people prefer an octagonal gate which makes the distance from neutral the same for each input.

HOW could you easily miss your neutrals and angles? Maybe on a crappy stick... but I really have no idea what you're talking about. How is it even possible to miss a neutral? It just means you don't input a direction on the stick. It's neutral if you don't do anything so how hard is it to just not move the stick?

I'm not Asian by the way. I know lots of fighting game enthusiasts and many who build and mod their own sticks. I honestly don't know any that prefer a circular gate on their stick for Street Fighter. If it works for you then that's good for you! But there's a reason most arcade machines use a square or octagonal gate for these types of games. They work.

Sevir043477d ago

it's been 10 years since the title got a resurrection so you can only imagine why it'll sell amazing well, it's a game everyone's been wanting for 10 years. KZ2 though thats a game everyone's been looking at since 2005. this is simply a must have and thats why it's performing very well.

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The story is too old to be commented.