Does Killzone 2 Sacrifice Fun in the Name of Realism?

How can a game that involves flying platform things and a fictional planet be realistic? Let me explain: while Killzone 2 is set in a sci-fi universe, the actual gameplay is some of the most realistic of any shooter. Guns are heavy, giving your character momentum and making it harder to quickly move and aim. Firing from the hip is inaccurate, making it necessary to slow down and look down your sight. To escape being ripped to shreds by gunfire, cover is necessary. However, stay behind that cover too long and enemies will lob grenades behind to force you out.

If you haven't played the game, all of this probably sounds really good to you. However, I'm convinced that if Killzone 2 went with a less realistic approach, the game would be much more enjoyable. There's a point where a game becomes so realistic that it's not fun, and Killzone 2 comes dangerously close to that point.

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sonarus3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Perhaps its just me but despite the realism i still had a substantial amount of fun. Just because there is no auto aim and you can't do that snap L1 to aim thing from COD4 its no fun because its too hard. Bunch of girls go play viva pinata

Guy is complaining cus when you hide in cover they throw grenades at you to flush you out lol. This is killzone not halo. The bad guys aren't here to make you laugh

The gaming GOD3569d ago

That comment was both true and hardcore.

But you can expect to get attacked for it unfortunately

MasFlowKiller3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

lol, i guess this person didnt get into the beta or probably hasn't play the demo cause anyone that has could tell you just how fun it is,

The graphics just add to the enjoyment factors plus the animations, its a f#ck!ng carnaval(not really), but its additive and enjoyable and the online will own all hater(based of my time with the beta)

SIX3569d ago

It's funny because the first thing I noticed was how fun the game was. Then I noticed the realism....go figure.

Israfel3569d ago

But this game is just AMAZING.

What does that say about the game?

pimp6143569d ago

yes by all means, because this game is boring as ####.

gamesmaster3569d ago

good look with alan wake coz that looks fun..... oh wait

ultimolu3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

The Helghast don't f*ck around.

It's either kill or be killed.

This guy is complaining too much.

Lol @ pimp. You didn't play it. :]

kewlkat0073569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

By your first sentence, one would of thought, you've played the whole campaign and plenty multi-player matches....then again, were still talking about a 10 min DEMO.

It's like when NBA star "Allen Iverson" stated, "We talking about Practice!!!!" Practice!!!..

So much analysis for a damn DEMO....a DEMO!!!

This game is already being judged, praised., nitpicked, name it and we still have 3 weeks before it's out. We even have Sites that already REVIEWED the game, yet give another analysis on the DEMO.

Is there anything else going on in the Gaming community, besides KZ2 analysis? Pretty soon, we will have Review sites analyzing their own Reviews, a week later. The fact is, nobody in the public have played the whole game and plenty of multi-player goodness. Everyone is still in the awe/shock stages.

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nomad1173569d ago

Nice comment Pimp from someone who doesn't even own a PS3 but plz talk more sh!t it doesn't even make you look sadder then you already are.

Viper73569d ago

Personaly I liked the multiplayer and it was great fun. The only real things that where bothering me where Bazooka which was ridiculously effective. The second was that the ranks are pretty easy to get, my gametime clocked 20h if I remember correctly and I was already a commander or something (1 star rank, 3rd highest) it would only have taken me few extra hours to achieve the highest rank.

after highest rank, will ppl loose their interest when theres no longer "main goal" or did guerilla give out some sort of prestige or other similarities to improve the lifespan of the game for completionists?

But as for controls, they are fine some newbies just cant play without game having some sort of autoaim. Those who like call of duty controls can choose alternative 2 from options menu, and increase/decrease the sensitivity as they like and even toggle hold to the aiming as it was in cod.

Realism and unrealism, neather reflects directly to the word "fun". Some ppl enjoy games with as much realism as bossible, while other want their meal of zero gravity bazooka tags with characters that can take more bullets than a freaking tank.

you just need to get used to it, and youll see how good the controls actualy are. They are differend, but no means bad. This is killzone not Call of duty 6.

arika3569d ago

realism in games is the goal for most of video game developers and killzone 2 is probably the first console that achieved that. not only does it look real and feel real but it also is addictive and fun. combine all of those and you got a winner in your hands.

zdudynot3569d ago

when i was in the beta i got most kills from hip fire and would die using aiming sights, stupid ************

sonarus3569d ago

@kewlkat. I had low expectations for the singleplayer aspect of the game. I had seen many videos with poor A.I. so my expectations were lowered considerably. The A.I. in the demo was ace and the game is fun to play. You can't just snap your cross hairs to an opponent for a quick kill but i like to work for my kills so i don't mind.

I also played more than 10hrs of multiplayer in the beta and i loved it and i thought it was very fun so i am not just talking out of my a$$. Not everyone will love the game and it may be too hardcore for some which is fine. But as for me despite the realistic nature of the game i still had a substantial amount of fun.

I do agree with you that KZ2 is getting too much analysis but its all part of the hype factor. There are people who are curious, ppl who want it to fail ppl who want it to be the best game ever, people who are convinced its a halo killer bla bla list goes on. The reason is because for some reason no one is getting tired of KZ2 news and rest assured it won't cease anytime soon

Why dis3569d ago

The shaky aiming mechanic makes this game very satisfying once you finally kill the enemies. I thought the demo was fun for a FPS.

pixelsword3569d ago


...Bazookas tend to be that against people.


Sitdown3569d ago

"killzone 2 the most realistic videogame ever to grace the console gaming."

Ohhh I don't know...I thought that honor might have been bestowed upon a sports title. Lets see....most realistic game ever? You can get shot a couple times, hide for a couple seconds...and then be good to go. Ammunition can always be found....items in the game that do not exist in real life. Yeah, after having played MLB 09 I think I would have to disagree with you. And I am sure that there are plenty of GT5:PL fans that would also disagree.

Why does Viva Pinata have to be for girls? Why not gardeners? :-P

SprSynJn3569d ago

...that realism is what made the last two COD games such blockbusters. I remember COD4 having almost as much recoil on their guns, as well as firing from the hip being extremely difficult in taking down an enemy. I think some of these websites need to rethink before they start typing.

Lich1203569d ago

First things first, it really bugs me how much people don't ever think on here. But honestly the point is valid (Im only referring to the aiming portion mind you, smart AI is cool with me). It may not be completely true, but what hes talking about is something is going to come up more and more as games get more sophisticated.

The fact is it is harder to aim in KZ2 than pretty much all the shooters Ive ever played (the gun has momentum). My opinion is that for a single player campaign thats perfect. It adds to the immersion because it feels more realistic. I also think however, for multiplayer this may have draw backs since in a way you have a little less control over your aiming. Perhaps after many hours it will start to feel completely intuitive but after three times through the demo it still felt a bit foreign.

Although I haven't had a chance to play the multi yet so that remains to be seen for me. Id like to so what other people think other than just telling me Im bad at shooters and would feel more comfortable on viva pinata.

Sitdown3569d ago

I agree...some times more realism can lead to being to complex and sacrificing fun...which might not be a lot of peoples cup of tea. Like for me...I am not a fan of GT5 or Forza, as I prefer more of an arcade racer. And it is one of the reasons why I still enjoy Halo and Gears.

N4360G3569d ago

LOL you can tell this guy plays Halo 3.

ProperFunked3569d ago

dude, thats EXACTLY how i feel 100%. The feel of the aiming in single player is fine, but take it online, i feel that (i have to be careful with my wording) if im having a difficult time gunning down a target strafing from right to left [or visversa], i feel that im gonna have to aim in front of my target and tap right, shoot, right, shoot [or visversa] because of that momentum/(sudden stop in aiming) in order to get the kill. However, from the beta videos ive seen, players don't really seem to have a problem getting kills, so hopefully it wont be an issue for the rest of us.

-plz don't hate =\

Anilom3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

It's Almost like cod control dude!! look at Video.

xwabbit3568d ago

Hmmm pimp614's post seems to tell me something.... the number of fan boys is going down thank god. Only 4 agrees, lets hope the other console fan boys are going down ass well

Viper73568d ago


Its not much of a issue in multiplayer, it might take a while getting used to but after that while youll be scoring as well as with other games. the fact that the players are "heavy" in this game gives this balances this thing out a bit and makes its a bit easier to shoot others.

it depends a bit do you like low or high sensitivity, Killzone seems to support more of this slower side. Slow/med sensitivity is what I usualy use in fps games and I have found it really fitting. both have their downsides, faster sensitivity isnt as effective on longer ranges, but it may be better for shorter distance fights because of faster turning. Not to mention that I have kd above 1.4-2.0 usualy (I tend to be rather agressive rather than sniping from a dark corner :P)

yes they tend to, but its not fun if a class that already has armor and speed advantage with regenration can equip bazooka with 3 missiles and blast those 3 away and pick up another weapon and continue untill he dies.
IT will just turn the game in to some sort of noob bazooka fest.

phosphor1123568d ago

It's Red Orchestra for PC.

You bolt your guns after each shot
Bullets have a travel time
Gravity pulls bullets down
No ammo meter, just how heavy the mag is
You can break limbs
Get your gun shot out of your hand (so you have to pick it back up)
You can sprint, crouch, go prone
No team indicators (not even on the map)
Most the time friendly fire
Guns can jam
If you overheat the machine guns too much you can melt the barrel of it, thus having to detach the barrel and replacing it with a new one.
Get concussions (minor ones)
No crosshair what so ever

List goes on.

Oh, and KZ2 kicks ass.

robep33568d ago

I thought the whole point about the next gen consoles and games was more REALISM!!!!

Heavy items should have momentum it shouldn't be easy to aim at an enemy in a gun battle etc.

Does this guy think if he was in a real battle the enemy would give him time to reload, aim or find cover.

The demo is great,have mine on pre-order (metal tin version) cant wait to play the full game on my PS3-320GB.


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teedogg803569d ago

Is this guy a beginner gamer or something? I love the realistic approach that this game's actually the best game I've ever played. We need more games like this.

ape0073569d ago

the gameplay is super-satesfying and awesome

I loved every single second of it

the demo has some amazing well put together set pieces,the game feels like a new thing,am really shocked

art direction is simply phenominal,enemies look SO unique(apart from bieng extreemly detailed),you'll remember them for a long time,guns look amazing,the graphics set a new standard and its art direction elevate it more

simply put,killzone 2 will be a mega hit for the playstation 3 and for the meaning of "next gen"

also the sound is out of this world,the sense of imerrsion is unbelievable

I really can't wait for the full game

Tempist3569d ago

No no see... he says this about killzone 2; "There’s a point where a game becomes so realistic that it’s not fun, and Killzone 2 comes dangerously close to that point."

AKA NO. The game is still fun. End of arguement. Anything else you read is irellivant.

tako20003569d ago

it is an interesting issue, to argue game design close to realism isn't a kind of "fun". Still that is an opinion and people do need time to adjust with the game play.

Still the control setting can be changed, the sensitivity of the X/Y-axis can be modify and the difficulty level can always adjust.

Beside, being realistic is one of KZ2's special element. Somehow like RE5 tank-mechanism is RE series tradition...kind of.

gamesmaster3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

exactly, i adjusted the cntrols a little and my enjoyment of the game just went up.

plus if you take off all the HUD options and crosshair in the display options it makes the game even more fun, no ammo count no hints no nothing, just you, your gun, your squadies and raw action. its like a film.

try it, makes it more intense IMO.

ProperFunked3569d ago

"Still the control setting can be changed, the sensitivity of the X/Y-axis can be modify and the difficulty level can always adjust."

on COD4 i use the Med setting, im trying to find a similar niche with the X/Y settings which is why i keep playing the demo over and over. so far i turn the x up 2 clicks, and y up 3, but for me it's still gonna take some getting used to. i just hope the leaderboards dont keep track of Accuracy.

also it's kinda nice if you take off the crosshair display, its not as bad as one might think.

enjoyed RE5 demo.

beavis4play3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

now, players have to use cover and think out a strategy. make your shots count. too bad some can't handle this, because they're going to miss out on a whole lot of fun.

and what's with the guy from the article? he says the characters in KZ are "hulking masses"? they aren't........has he even seen the game?

macalatus3569d ago

Yup, and no freakin' "Halo Bunny Hoppers" either!

Max Power3569d ago

a "halo bunny hopper" because during the jump you can't use your gun.

Playa79703569d ago

this game is awesome it challenges you to aim with precision and accuracy unlike cough cough COD which has auto aim which is for handicap players that cant handle a real pistol if their life depended on it

magicman03569d ago

i agree... but COD 4 is still the best game in books... that is... until killzone comes out. I really love the way the guns function. At first i hated it, because it was so hard(i guess im used to the guns in COD 4), but when i played it, i loved the guns. They made the game soo much more fun, there so much more pleasure when killing someone in K2 than COD4, and believe me, im a die hard COD fan.