Little Big Planet: 10 great user-created levels

WhatTheyPlay writes:

"We help you sort through the myriad of player generated content in the PS3 platformer.

Picking up and playing Little Big Planet is a fairly easy task (and something that many of you are doing if the feedback to the What They Play podcast is any gauge) as the charming platform game is accessible for virtually all levels of gamers. But there is one aspect of the game the game that can be a little daunting: the user generated content. LBP allows players to create their own levels, and then share them with other users via the PlayStation Network. But sorting through the thousands of player made levels can be a bit intimidating, so we've put together this handy guide to get you started. Here are 10 wonderful levels, each of which are very different from one another, demonstrating the sheer range of levels available to play. Simply search the levels name in the game and you're ready to start playing."

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ia_studio3419d ago

the inmense ammount of crap in the user generated levels is too much, I wish we could send lists to each other or something.