Halo Wars Falls Victim to "Metacritic Wars"

That Gaming Site writes: "The latest victim in the fanboys "metacritic war" is Halo Wars, possibly one of the biggest causalities of the user ratings fanboy wars on Metacritic."

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Snow3328d ago

But still.. 0.8?

LOL! Go Nasim !

sonarus3328d ago

Haha you stole my comment i was coming in here to say Go Nasim too lol

Durffen3328d ago

This is still going on?

What is this supposed to do now? Lower user rating, wow, not like that really matters. People are just flat out pathetic now.

Sasanova3328d ago

this happened months ago, because killzone 2 got rated down first, ps3 fanboys really its kz2 that was a victim

terrandragon3328d ago

Or some other exclusive you just don't know.

uxo223328d ago

At some point the admins at METACRITIC has to share the blame for this. The crap has been going on way to long for the to not have a handle on this. Perhaps they should pull their heads out of their a$$es and require logon or membership to be able to vote on their site. At least that way they can tell who are making these stupid votes from both fanboy camps.

They are always commenting on how this is wrong yet that still allow it to happen. Metacritic is loosing credibility in my book.

eagle213328d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

why won't metacritic just erase all user scores?

hippo243328d ago


Hmm the of HW 0.8 to 6.3 of KZ....

Im pretty sure we know who the real culprits are here.

and anyway what are we 5, are we still using the " He started It" excuse.

pixelsword3328d ago

I like the Halo series, and although this game isn't made by Bungie, from what I've seen, they do justice to the series.

But for people to shoot it down because of some stupid console war is insane.

But I don't blame Gamers, they are only using the tools presented to them; I blame that joke site metacritic. They need to take control of their site instead of letting gamers crap on a game, let the score post on N4G or another gonzo site and then make another headline like "BAD GAMERS, BAAAAD!" just to get hits for their site.

And yes, they're doing it for hits because they could disable GAMES THAT AREN'T EVEN OUT YET at least until the game comes out. Then, to allow gamers to post, make them write a 1000 word review.

But that's just me; you know, the guy that wants to see games on any console being treated fairly.

shovelbum3327d ago

That is what happens when you spend all your waking hours in your grandma's basement lying naked next to a blowup sheep. It's inevitable that you'll have a lot of free time on your hands since without any resemblance of a job you can't afford to actually buy a console let alone any games. The demo was pretty good by BTW.

JHUX3327d ago

So sad... I don't understand why they don't just take off the user reviews anyway since it's just fanboy breeding grounds. Even if someone puts a legit user review they will have to weed through all the fanboys. I thought though they made it so you can't give user reviews until a game is released though? If that's true then this has probably been like that for a while. I still think they should just completely remove it.

RKRigney3327d ago Article titled "Attention Metacritic Users, You're Immature"

crazypuppet3327d ago

gears of war 2 was the original victim, not killzone 2.

Rourker3327d ago

actually LBP was the first victim. Then Gears 2. then resistance 2 and so on and so forth until we get to killzone and halo wars.

Sitdown3327d ago

Actually nobody knows where it originally started...all we know is how big it has gotten. You can go back to the original Gears and see issues....but like I said, nobody can say what started it, all we know is the mess that it is now.

Be careful with your out the box thinking....I share your same sentiments, but some people are unable to comprehend that there are individuals who are not "fanboys" and will just instigate stuff for entertainment value....especially since they really have nothing to lose.

likedamaster3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

This is still going on?

What is this supposed to do now? Lower user rating, wow, not like that really matters. People are just flat out pathetic now.

-Rabid I say, they're rabid!

N4360G3327d ago

LOL,Halo Wars will still be an average game though.

Agent VX3327d ago

The goofy Sony fanboys are at it again. They started this with Halo 3 and have kept at it. It really is pathetic, but doesn't surprise me with people that back a last place console this generation.

Regardless, RTS games should only be played on computers with mouse/keyborad. But this just goes to show how bitter Sony fanboys are about their console being dead last place.

kparks3327d ago

this is dumb that people take the time of day to go do that lol.. we all know what happened hear i would not even give 50 cent bulletproof a 0.8/10 tho some people like it i thought it sucked lolhaha. thats ridiculous..i don't own a 360 but i'm looking forward to playing this over a friends. And how are people doing reviews before they even play the game like the new 50 cent game blood on the sand game i hope a good game and people are already talking crap about it..THERE IS NOT EVEN A DEMO OUT YET SO STFU

eagle213327d ago

the user score without the fanboy scores had to be below average, cause how in the heck could it be .8? And contrary to disagrees, millions of halo fans are turned off to rts games or won't buy this.

NickIni3327d ago

How old are you? "you started it"

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Rourker3327d ago

you are correct sir, but I was talking about when we first started to notice it. but it doesn't much matter really now does it?

AAACE53327d ago

It is pretty much guaranteed that any first party, or any game that could make the 360 or Ps3 will be attacked by the fanboys!

The good thing is, no one cares about their opinions and most people just go with the official reviews. When I go to metacritic, I almost forget those reviews are there.

The Lazy One3327d ago

I think Too Human caught it too, so it was back before then. I think MGS4 caught some for a few days as well.

It was definitely before killzone and LBP, and it's happened on both sides so much it doesn't really matter who started it any more. Kind of like Gaza.

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PirateThom3328d ago

This isn't really news, it's been like that for a few months, if I recall.

thats_just_prime3328d ago

Yeah every exclusive game has this happen to it and the site leaves it that way cause it the only way they can get hits. Hell it be easy to fix just have people enter there gaming tags and if they dont have one dont let in to that part of the site

Buttons3328d ago

It has been there for a few months.

Also, Metacritic changed it to only be able to vote until after release.

phosphor1123327d ago

Most folks on N4G are pretty slow =P

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GiantEnemyLobster3327d ago

Because a bunch of PStards obviously had nothing better to do with their life than continually rate the game 0/10 then obviously the game is garbage!

I swear, some humans still haven't fully evolved from monkeys like the rest of us have.