Slow Computer? - 6 Free Solutions

It seems to be inevitable that a computer running a Windows based operating system will slow down over time.

There may be numerous reasons why your computer behaves badly and is no longer the speed demon it once was. Simple maintenance, practiced regularly, which is easy even for a non-expert, can keep your Windows based PC running smoothly at peak performance for years.

The most common problems that have impact on a computer's speed and behavior are listed here, with the appropriate free software solution. This is not however, an exhaustive list.

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Gue13572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Oh man I feel bad for the guy on the comment section that is asking something about his laptop. This guy "billmullins", it is obvious that he doesn't know what's he's talking about if he's recommending these programs... All of them suck.

CCleaner is the only one worth checking; <---- I been using it for years, the others? meh

JsonHenry3572d ago

Lol, "there may be numerous reason why"!!

Yeah, a PC user that does not know what they are doing!

ThanatosDMC3572d ago

I completely agree, those people that just keep click yes on their firewalls and clicking whatever it is on the internet.

If all things go to crap, reinstall the OS but backup all the important stuff.

karlostomy3572d ago

"advanced system care"

does everything and more.

and it's free!

tudors3571d ago

there are a lot of background prossesses that are not neccesasary and these programs come in handy, so by your theory every time our PC is slow we should just re-install the OS?

FinalFantasyFanatic3571d ago

Generally I like to do it every year or every second year if I'm not too lazy. But as far as background processes go, I have 36 running on average but I've noticed people like to have a bijillion programs load at start up and then they complain the computer is too slow. Not only that but I've seen some crazy people try to run Vista on only 512mbs of RAM.

tudors3571d ago

I just tested all the free applications on offer and I am very impressed.

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