LagMac Studio has released a clone of the classic Q*bert game released in 1982 and created by Warren Davis and Jeff Lee. In Q*bert, the player maneuvers the trumpet snouted character around an isometric pyramid of coloured cubes. He must hop around the tops of these cubes, changing every square to a specific colour while avoiding contact with enemies.

LagMac's version of the game looks almost identical, with only a few letters in the title of the game to differentiate it. It's called Cu*bert!!!! Surely this is almost as blatent copyright infringement as the Duck Hunt game that was pulled form the AppStore a week ago. I don't know who now owns the rights to the Q*bert license but I doubt they gave permission for this. Come on Apple why are you letting these games slip through the net? How long before we get 'Super Barry Oh Brothers' or 'Speedy the Porcupine'? (Note to self: make a Speedy the Porcupine game!)

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