Industry is 'dazzled by bling' according to Conduit developer

Eric Nofsinger, chief creative officer at High Voltage, has criticized what he believes to be the short-sightedness of game developers. He's accused games of having bloated budgets with little regard to the future, claiming the industry has "stars in its eyes."

"I think that we, as an industry, have become dazzled by the bling," claims Nofsinger. "We've all got stars in our eyes for Hollywood, with twenty, thirty, forty million dollar budgets over night and hundred-person teams working for years on titles without ever running a P&L to see if anything could support that. "

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lsujester3597d ago

Hm. I do understand his point about game budgets getting higher and higher. It's a large part of why so many devs are going for the "actiony" genres, like GTA, Gears, COD, etc.

But at the same time, he's criticizing developers for "seeing dollar signs", yet he is helping to create a FPS, a genre which is already extremely bloated with cash-in games.

ChickeyCantor3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Yeah a genre that is marked with the cash-in label.
Every developer wants to "cash-in". I don't think that was his point.

This FPS game he is working on is going to utilise this new controller(wii-mote) like no other game out there. Thats where this game innovates. From what i can read he is saying that developers tend to create an eye-candy product while sometimes they forget to innovate.

And might i add that they actually put effort in their game apposed to all the shovelware third party developers have sh/tting out?( yeah i know Wii is getting great Titles from 3th party developers but compared to what is out already they are not just "cashing-in").

lsujester3596d ago

I hear what you're saying, but I didn't see any kind of innovation coming from these guys, judging by trailers. Even good use of the Wiimote isn't really innovating. It's no different than let's say, the COD controls feeling really good as compared to Hour of Victory. And besides, Metroid Prime 3 played fantastically.

While I agree about the Wii is being loaded with shovelware, I still don't see all these great 3rd party titles you speak of. Yeah, there are a few I've enjoyed such as No More Heroes, but most of the 3rd party stuff I've seen is dumbed down versions of cross-platform games.

To me, the whole thing just says, "We don't have the money to roll with the big boys, so we'll complain about them."

Product3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

"To me, the whole thing just says, "We don't have the money to roll with the big boys, so we'll complain about them.""

he doesnt have the money thats a given and HVS have stated this but if that were the case why is companies such as EA,Ubisoft and Capcom not producing great AAA titles for wii instead of ports and such?They have the money yet they dont have the will......i would rather have a dev from the opposite of that.They created a engine they supports alot of next gen features that the wii is not supposed to have(depth of field,real time water reflection,heat distortion,etc.).

HVS has also said before that they wanted a fps on wii because it made more sense out of all the consoles to have it on the console where you point and shoot.Honestly i come from a PC fps background and consoles shooters to me just dont cut it,no matter how much hype and how graphically awesome they are on said console.I like Metroid not really because of the fps but because of the exploration.The Conduit right now is the only fps im really looking forward to because of the controls and how much customization there is for it.

Problem is the big budgets though...major companies are putting all their money and effort into big summer blockbuster type games,more of a problem then that is even with the massive hype most of these games are not making a profit and studios are shutting down.Whats better ,having great looking games or a great company not being able to make any more games because of it?

The Video game industry was not ready to enter the hd market and the reason being they honestly thought it would be easier then it looking back i think all devs would have not supported the hd market had they had a choice and the big gimmes to this notion might be why big franchises are coming to wii such as Monster Hunter.

morganfell3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Would you rather be dazzled by the bling you are seeing or by this:

The most bling bling title listed is a title for which his company only made maps.

I despise such women but if you are going to have a shallow girlfriend she might as well look good.

The point is when his company actually develops a title of depth and expanse he can open his trap.

ChickeyCantor3596d ago

The innovations comes from the use of the Wii-mote.

And honestly saying you can't see other great titles for the Wii, makes me to believe you are just to much into that bling.

Product3596d ago

good point sidar we know what Morganfell likes and its not on wii.To bad.

Product3594d ago

How does he have so many bubbles

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kewlkat0073596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

The bigger the Budget, the more marketing and hype and buzz you get, while sleeper games sell like sh!t.

We also see the same in Fanboys like anything above 85% is worth buying.

Everyone is drinking the koolaide..

Small firms and Indie one will eventually die or be bought out. It's happening.

Product3596d ago

i like his viewpoint and i agree with what he is saying i find it funny though because when you have such big budgets what happens to the company?downsizing?layoffs?

Its hard not to see dollar signs when looking at the wii if you intend to make shovelware but me personally would rather make a great game just so thats what im remembered for.Unfortunately alot of people trade in integrity for money no matter what profession you`re in.

SonySoldierEternaL3596d ago

Killzone 2 sh*ts all over conduit

Product3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Crysis sh!t all over Killzone 2,whats your point?

Whos to say you cant have fun with all three?

labwarrior3596d ago

Nope, sorry, i love big budgeted NEXT GEN games myself, and i hate 99.9% of the garbage old gen looking Wii games

I epsecially hate the unimaginative and terrible looking Conduit, Zelda and Mario do look a million times better than that game

Product3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Whats your definition of a "real" developer?

Also he wasnt just judging other devs he was also judging himself you notice he said "I think we....."

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