Windows XP's Days are Really Numbered Now

In 10 weeks, Microsoft Corp. will begin to retire Windows XP by shifting the seven-year-old OS into a more limited support plan.

Windows XP, Microsoft's most successful operating system ever, will leave what the company calls "mainstream support" on April 14, and enter "extended support." Typically, Microsoft keeps a product in the former for five years, then moves it into the latter for another five, for a total of 10 years. However, the long span between the releases of XP and its successor, Windows Vista, forced the company to push out the support deadline to 13 years altogether.

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Mindboggle3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Microsoft cant stop people using XP. What are they going to do ?? Infect every PC with the blue screen of death until they are forced to buy a new PC in frustration. XP is the most stable OS, and will be used for years to come whether MS like it or not. I cant see business's and schools upgrading to vista or windows 10 any time soon.

swiftshot933601d ago

i dont really see how they can "force" people into giving up xp.

BananaSlug3601d ago

as you should be able to tell, this is the xbox-xbox360 business model

hfaze3601d ago

Well... There are still small companies that are still running Windows 95/98 (I know since I make GOOD money every time one of these dinosaurs croaks, and I get called to bring it back to life...)

I know of MAJOR companies that are still running Windows NT 3.5/4.0 Servers. Once again, GREAT money for resuscitating a dinosaur...

You will always have stragglers that try to hold on to the older OS'es. I guess you could say that it's their comfort zone...

Personally, I'm actually looking forward to the release of Windows 7. Windows Vista is almost like Windows ME 2.0, where Windows 7 feels like the progression from Windows ME to Windows XP.

Cwalat3601d ago

i swear.. if they touch my XP..

i will not only sue them, i will f***ng murder everyone in MS corporation.

seriously... how can they force ppl to stop using their product..?

why can't they just make a new better OS? (that is actually better than XP)

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Tsalagi3601d ago

Incoming XP OS breaking viruses in 3..2..1.....

rogimusprime3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

is that supposed to frighten people?

In all seriousness, without the slightest hint of racism, what could be worse than having to call New Delhi and Mumbai for support?

There's something wrong with my xbox....I downloaded the Ninja Gaiden II mission pack...and it makes the XBOX 360 think there is no hard drive connected to it...only when I'm on LIVE. So the best idea "customer support" could come up with was to "reset my modem". They can't do anything about it...I'm F***ed. (unless I play offline..which is fine by me)

In this era, it's not difficult to find the help you need with with the advent of Google.

hfaze3601d ago

Well... One thing to keep in mind is that as Microsoft phases out an OS, updates for that OS become less and less of a priority, raising the chances of an exploit becoming available without a fix coming anytime soon (if at all).

I highly doubt that Microsoft would unleash a virus/trojan/malware that would disable Windows XP. I would however expect that as updates for XP start phasing out, people find ways to exploit PC's still running XP since Microsoft will not be doing anything to address it.

poindat3601d ago

I'm sure as hell not upgrading to Vista or Windows 7. Well, maybe Windows 7, but only after its been out for a good long time and has proven itself to be as good as XP.

hfaze3601d ago

Seriously, Win7 does feel like a nice upgrade to Vista... Even in beta 1...

I was surprised to see that Windows 7 does not seem to need as much hardware-wise as Vista to provide a usable computing experience (and by usable, I mean you can have more than a couple of programs open at once before the hard drive starts thrashing from virtual memory swapping)

I have 4GB of RAM in my laptop, and dropping it down to 2GB had hardly an effect on the usability of my laptop (except when VMware was running). I then dropped it down to 1GB just to see what would happen, and as long as I was not trying to run all of the Aero eye-candy, it ran perfectly fine.

I can whole-heartedly understand wanting to skip over Windows Vista (WinME 2.0), but Windows 7 is well worth checking out.

Hopefully Microsoft is smart this time around and doesn't try to charge an arm and a leg for Windows 7 like they did with Vista...

Kain813601d ago

cause i dont need to upgrade, iam fine with XP.

DJ3601d ago

But XP looks like the OS that I'll use for the next 5 or 6 years. Windows 7 showed to be slower than XP for multi-threading and quad-core CPUs, so there's not much of an incentive to upgrade other than the fancy GUI and search feature (which is quite good).

PR0NE3601d ago

well there is windows search 4.0 for xp, it's quite good... and if one fancy graphix, there are many amazing themes for xp, some which amazingly replicates vista, well i don't like any, when i had vista(used it for a month) i had disabled themes and most unnecessary services, i always go for optimal performance which is where XP is king, but it can look nice too...
Vista's only advantage is one of its one of hideoust features, i didn't really mind it, but it's not that good, any good security suite can provide that and much and can be tuned to one's liking.

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