KillZone 2 Glitch Could Prevent Level Progression

Blend Games:

"Finding a glitch in a game is always fun. Finding a glitch that prevents you from progressing through the level is the kind of thing that'll make you want to throw the controller at the wall. If you don't know what I'm talking about, keep reading and I'll explain.

Over at TGR they found a rather untimely glitch that seen the Sergeant getting his head stuck in the ground. Most times this would be a "so what" moment among gamers. The only problem is that the Sergeant is the one who issues commands to move forward on that stage. This means that if the Sergeant is jammed in the ground then players won't be moving anywhere at all."

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killzone2flop3359d ago

This game has FAILURE written all over it maybe they should have spent another 5yrs sorting out the Glitches and the awful controls.

PirateThom3359d ago

Stop calling things flops when you have a Banjo-Kazooie avatar.

Graphics Whore3359d ago

He's trolling that's what he does. He doesn't take it seriously, neither should you.

atttentionshore3359d ago

its a common misconception
he does take it seriously

PirateThom3359d ago

I actually don't take it seriously, I'm just pointing it out.

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Bad_Karma3359d ago

controls where fine for me on the demo ...maybe your just a bit shyte with fps games :) and already over 1 million pre-orders don't spell FAILURE to me or anyone else with any sense.

itchy183359d ago

wth, every game has a glitch.

hotdawg3359d ago

Performing the glitch if it appears in retail copy and complaining about said glitch impeding your progress means you're mentally retarded. Keep eating the yellow snow you FAIL.

Sasanova3359d ago

already went through the demo about 48 times, never had it happen to me. either way, who cares, u can blow ur self up or restart from last save point and he will be fine.

Max Power3359d ago

is when a Helghan was partially through a wall. thats it.

GVON3359d ago

I'm saying it's been fixed,when you start the demo the main menu says 2008,so this demo is based on last years code and not review or final build,so by that conclusion I say it's fixed in the final game.

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RainOfTerror3359d ago

not only was this already reported yesterday (so it's a duplicate story) but it also is worth mentioning that this was

1. a hiccup
2. only in the public demo, not the actual retail game.

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The story is too old to be commented.