Xbox 360 leading the DLC exclusive lineup in 2009


"The PS3 may have the more robust exclusive game lineup for this year, but the Xbox 360 is leading the 'downloadable content' (DLC) lineup for 2009. With the skyrocketing development costs, the good old days of third party exclusives is coming to a end. However, Microsoft has waged a new war revolving around exclusive DLCs.

Many studios will refuse to develop a game exclusively for a specific console. However, DLC is quickly becoming the new and popular avenue to distinguishing a console from the pack. You could say that Microsoft invented/initiated the concept of console exclusive DLC."

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tocrazed4you3482d ago

is that the xbox 360 when they do excluisve line up for 2009 they always put in dlc while ps3 has FULL GAMES.

Genesis53482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Thats great MS. Developers will be holding back stuff they would have probably put in the package because they know you will pay millions for it. Then you turn around and charge the gamers more to download the DLC. Good for you, not so good for the gamer.

CaseyRyback_CPO3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

because I'm laughing my ass off. At least people are finally seeing the writing on the wall. Unless MS announces 100's of new 360 only exclusives soon, its a repeat of 2008. Maybe a few good games at the end of the year.. but am I supposed to be happy im getting charged for more map packs instead of oh I dont know.... FULL GAMES?

I honestly cant believe the media is getting so desperate that they know there are no 360 games to cover, so now its DLC vs Full Retail Games. Are you kidding me? The worst part is there are people out there that are going to make like they would rather have DLC than new games just to save face.

Tony P3482d ago

Not something to get prideful about, imo. I'm a gamer, not a DLCer. I will take a new game over DLC any day.

Not that I'm not glad to have a new addon for Fallout 3, but it's far from the content provided by say, an expansion pack. This guy thinks we should be grateful to receive a few crumbs instead of a whole loaf. Ridiculous.

Exclusive DLC is a ridiculous trend and I for one am losing my patience with it.

Ghoul3482d ago

They way how you pick your headline turnes the tide.

""The PS3 may have the more robust exclusive game lineup for this year, but the Xbox 360 is leading the 'downloadable content' (DLC) lineup for 2009."

it could mean:

Xbox 360 leading the DLC exclusive lineup in 2009

OR and most interesting:

PS3 is leading the exclusive games lineup in 2009

funny eh ?

StayHigh3482d ago

I dont care aboud DCL that will release another year after the games is out..No one will care about it they got new full games to play..

Microsoft got no games thats why they looking for DLC from third party games..Bad for all 360 gamers because you guys are actually paying 80 dollars for it when it should come with it..

ChampIDC3482d ago

Only DLC I've ever paid for was the CoD4 map pack when it got discounted for a weekend. I can't stand DLC. Full games are the only thing I buy on Live.

kparks3482d ago

i'm not a big fan of dlc i pay 60 bucks for a game why the heck do i need to pay more for stuff that should already be in the game and half the time i beat the game and traded it in by the time they release it. and every gen the game prices go up 10 dollars WTF lol. ill be happy playing R2 and killzone2 and cod4&5&6!!

ultimolu3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

So DLC is better than exclusive games now?

This article has me scratching my head...because now I'm reading it, it's really sad what has happened to gaming. Back in the days, you had to beat something in order to unlock something. Now you have to buy something extra from a game.

majorsuave3481d ago

Who cares about exclusives anyway? The games I enjoy most are multiplat anyway.

N4360G3481d ago

LOL I'd rather have a new game to play than DLC for old games!!

Agent VX3481d ago

Bull crap, I have bought many addition to PC games over the years and enjoyed them.

Latest one I bought was the Company of Heroes: Opposing Forces, and payed $20 for it, and worth every penny.

If it is a great game, and you enjoy it, DLC is worth every penny. If you didn't enjoy the original game, why on earth would you buy more DLC for it.

This really sounds like jealous Sony fanboys talking.

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DavidMacDougall3482d ago

Ps3 leading the exclusive games lineup in 2009

LarVanian3482d ago

Bubble for you! lol

Helghast Slayer3481d ago

Really M$? That's nothing to be proud of.

PirateThom3482d ago

Exclusive DLC vs Exclusive games...

Yeah, there's an obvious winner here.

Johnny Rotten3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

In 2009 the Xbox will have more $70 games than the PS3.

Ghoul3482d ago

I do like DLC like the ones for fallout and GTA fullsize addon content !
But a swelling breast because they signed exclusive dlc contracts for some lousy levels or outfits...

no thanks im NOT into this.

Ghoul3482d ago

Exclusive game = a game you can only play on each system
Exclusiv DLC = a game you can play on many systems but the "after-game" addons are platform exclusive.

SORRY but i take the game rather then the dlc