Why no Blood Bowl on PS3? Too risky, says Cyanide

Destructoid writes: "Blood Bowl is a game we're fairly excited for at Destructoid, so much so that we sought out developer Cyanide for an exclusive interview. We learned a great many things, including how the customization works and the differences between real-time and turn-based modes. One thing we wanted to learn, however, is why the game is launching for PC, Xbox 360, DS and even PSP, but not the PlayStation 3. "

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TheFART at Xbotkings3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

yeah i pretty much lol'ed too when i realised you Xbots need this game.
Lets face is Jack, you have DLC, Multiplats, more Halo Games and No exclusive games in 2009 worth mentioning.

evilmonkey5013445d ago

meaning they have no multi core experience is more like it...they better learn quick or they will be left in the dust. everything will soon be ran on cell architecture. seriously....even dvd players, tv's and dvr's are starting to use this type of processor...its not hard its just different...more at once if you will...go ahead and disagree ignoramuses...

cryymoar3444d ago

i was gona say: "Woah, mart, you completely went 180 degrees and bashed the xbox" but then i realized it wasn't you.

Whitey2k3445d ago

omg thats the lamest excuse ever!!! every developer worked with the ps3 with there 1st game and it turned out quite bad like less textures and Frame Rate proplems but at the end of the these same developers are working on it each game they make is gettin better and better is where there gettin use 2 it

NaiNaiNai3445d ago

and untill they got used to it, most lost money.

M_Adkins3445d ago

I just want the game to come out already

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RedVsBlue3445d ago

At least these guys are being honest unlike most of the gaming media

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The story is too old to be commented.