E.D.G.E gets edged out with Killzone 2 "Edge was always a magazine I like reading no matter what kind of reviews they dish out, their perspectives are so well written that it's pretty easy to negate everything else that they offer. Did their Killzone 2 review push everyone against them, although I do not quite agree with the them, since they have given both Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 a 9 and 10 respectively, the point is not about justification in an opinion but maintaining a minimum level of consistency and fairness with all their reviews which is a rather impossible task to achieve with the enormous amount of revenues flowing from one publication to another."

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panasonic233596d ago

lol o man fanboys about to attack EDGE this i got to see.

Sony Rep3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

What's to see? Halo Wars starting off on the wrong foot with a 7/10. Killzone 2 averaging a 93 with 40 reviews on Metacritic, Race Pro has a 68 on Metacritic, Ninja Blade... yeah.... and I wouldn't hold my breath for Star Ocean. Go cry some more....

822119863596d ago

its just that they need to maintain consistencies with their reviews...I might be wrong on this one but they review and score seem to be far far off in line...

HighDefinition3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

EDGE Scores:

Halo 3 - 10
Gears of War 2 - 9
Halo 2 - 9

Resistance 2 - 6
Resistance 1 - 7

Does that paint a clear enough picture?

Sony can`t do anything to please them....I think they should stop sending them discs, if their not even gonna get a fair review out of it. But, what do I know I`m just a fanboy.

Fruit Loops3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I hope EDGE has an explanation for that score, because it really didn't fit what they were saying.
They could've just said what they needed to, some fanboy bull$h!t

ape0073596d ago


what's wrong with edge

maybe they can't enjoy when they play ps3 OR you know what am gonna say,everybody knows,no need to say it

Ghoul3596d ago

Ok its easy

Edge is awesome wehn it comes to the written word, i love reading theyre opinions and thoughts. BUT they shouldnt give a score they dont even have a scale, or comment why they pick a certain score. Its just a small number beneath the written review. Its not even noticable to many readers its a small number in te same text size as the written text.

So Please Edge DONT RATE GAMES but please keep writting as i really enjoy your writting skills but the scores are silly .

HighDefinition3596d ago

Ghouls idea is the BEST, they should just do written reviews and not score it.


thor3596d ago

Yes they should not give a score.

Main reason being, that their KZ2 review was actually really positive. Their only criticisms were about the "oh so important" story and voice acting, to which they dedicated half their review. They loved the multiplayer, because it didn't have any story and didn't have to. Why then, when they complimented the AI, did they criticise the single player so?

Their score was unjustified, and they put excessive weight on the narrative. A review without a score would not have been taken the wrong way.

darthv723596d ago

I can see where you might be thinking the conspiracy theory here. Honestly we really dont know how or why they rate a game considering it is all just subjective opinion. I can say personally that the halo series has a great story above the graphics. Maybe there are others who think the same way and can see past the obvious visual presentation and look deeper at what holds the interest to finish playing it.

I didnt care for kz1 and so far I have not been blown away by kz2 ut then again it is just a simple little demo. Maybe I have been spoiled as we all have on graphics this gen. Seeing kz2 now after seeing the likes of gears and resistance 2 I can say that there is an evolution to the imagry but nothing explosive like I have been expecting.

It is like the first time you ever saw toy story and how different and unique it was. Since then practically every pixar or dreamworks or any other cg animated movie is just improving on what was first seen. Yes the imagry has improved in movies since toy story but I have come to expect this.

Graphically I really like the lighting in kz2 and the textures are very nice but so far the gameplay and story are not winning points with me. It is just a demo right now but maybe that will change when the full game comes out. I can recall all sorts of posts about how resistance 2 had the best graphics around (for the time) and yet I wasnt impressed with that. I actually like the story and gameplay more than anything else.

I was able to become immersed in what was unfolding on the screen much the same way I enjoyed the halo series and gears games. I realy dont want to see kz2 become another haze which some will take that part harshly. I can explain in that the graphics of haze were pretty good (not nearly as good as kz2) but the story sucked.

KZ2 had better be more than just a fancy coat of paint on a dull story (ala kz1).

StayHigh3596d ago

edge their microsoft im never going to trust their reviews..

Lifendz3596d ago

No, just will result in a loss of business. How can you go to them for an unbiased review/opinion when they appear to be anything but? You can't. 1up had to learn the hard way. Gamespot is slowly changing. Fanboy sites that pander to fanboys with fanboy reviews will loss out on the general population of gamers (i.e. the non-fanboys).

jcgamer3596d ago

they've FELL OFF THE EDGE...


Filanime033596d ago

Hey high definition based on the stats you showed edge should switch their name to official xbox magazine. Yup you are right Sony should just stop sending them FREE Games that will probably be unfairly reviewed.

3596d ago
Ghoul3595d ago

easy thor while i agree with you that comment could get you in trouble

Timberland2K93595d ago



Time_Is_On_My_Side3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

This is where I stop reading your comment because you're going the wrong way.

"I can see where you might be thinking the conspiracy theory here. Honestly we really dont know how or why they rate a game considering it is all just subjective opinion."

Reviews should be an objective opinion not a subjective opinion this is important to being unbiased.

kparks3595d ago

to give killzone a 7 is dumb when they give games like race pro lets tap and house of the dead a 8 whats going on there

uie4rhig3595d ago

while i agree with you, no need to be offensive to anyone.. i dont care if it's me, or some random xbox 360 fanboy that i don't care a sh-t about.. hell even if it's bush, don't be like that..

and about the edge review.. edge needs to step up their game and be real pro's rather than fanboys, hell every single gaming journalist should! either stop being a journalist, or start being a pro!


acedoh3595d ago

against this type of bias. When it's this obvious what is going on I think EDGE needs to explain themselves to gamers and SONY. They have no basis for such a low score and it just shows that some members of the media continue to have a slant. I think if this site and members here protest enough then I believe EDGE will have to explain their scoring.

Ozzyb3595d ago

But this article is poorly written. I can't take it seriously, nor can I hit the link to give hits.

arika3595d ago

edge are professional trolls. just look at metacritic, from 40+ reviews they are the only one that scored k2 a 7. just to get noticed and get hits they have to stoop this low. well one thing i can say, at least they get paid for trolling. lol!

TheTwelve3595d ago

I'm really trying my best to believe in Edge's integrity. But when I see how they scored Halo and Gears, and when I see how Killzone 2 matched up against other games in their latest issue, I officially label them pathetic now.

Yes, Sony needs to truly look into whether or not they will allow themselves to be open to what looks to be a corrupt review organization.


SRU96003595d ago

"Sony needs to truly look into whether or not they will allow themselves to be open to what looks to be a corrupt review organization."

Takes one to know one...


Raz3595d ago

From what I've seen, it's fairly clear:

FOX News = biased media outlet/mouthpiece for the Republican Party
EDGE = biased media outlet/mouthpiece for Microsoft

It's an opinion. Feel free to dismiss it out of hand, but if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, sounds like a's probably a duck.

incogneato3595d ago

They're just doing this to cause controversy and get their name known by the public. Ignore the, boycott them, etc. They will go away.

xc7x3595d ago

Don't forget to add;

CNN / NBC = biased media outlet/mouthpiece for the Democratic Party
Hiphop Gamer = biased media outlet/mouthpiece for Sony

There we go,balances out things. :-)

N4360G3595d ago

LOL EDGE gave Halo 3 a 10 and Killzone 2 a 7,what does that tell you about EDGE?

Raz3594d ago

Well, what media outlet is truly unbiased, when you get right down to it?

In any case, CNN and HipHopGamer (neither of which I pay any attention to) aren't the focus of this article - EDGE is. I only mentioned FOX News because they're so often connected with gaming (in a negative way) and are so comically ultra-right-wing that they refuse to even listen to the opinions of the people they interview.

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TheHater3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

And I can honestly say this game exceed my expectation gameplay wise. So do I care about was reviewers think? No. I never trust reviewers because they have a different taste in games than I do and I will never trust reviewers.

ChampIDC3596d ago

Yeah, always take reviews with a grain of salt. What you like and what they like are never going to match. Personally, I read the article to get an idea of what I'm going into and then decide for myself.

vickers5003595d ago

Do you care about what reviewers think if they say only good things about the game? On this site, whenever KZ2 gets a good score, people cheer and continue to praise the game, using reviews as proof that Killzone 2 is a good game. Yet when a negative review comes along, the citizens of N4G get all up in arms shouting "reviews don't matter". Obviously reviews DO matter to the majority of the n4g people, otherwise they would post the same "reviews don't matter" post, on the positive reviews too.

I think the game does deserve the scores it's getting, but there is a lack of consistency when it comes to people on n4g and reviews. Because if they are using reviews as proof that a game is good, then that contradicts their previous claims that they don't care about reviews.

TheHater3595d ago

Why don't you look through all the Killzone 2 reviews and see if I every comment on the score or the reviews it got? I been saying this since I join this site, than I don't care for reviews.

twoface3595d ago

Vickers, it's actually a positive review with a negative score.

Anyway, I have a funny feeling that edge will come out and explain their score in a special edition or something like that. This seems so frequently occurring nowadays. Get more hits, sell more mags?

vickers5003595d ago


I'm not saying that directly towards you, I'm saying it to everyone that agreed with you, and if you had happened to have done what I was talking about, then it would be for you as well. But if you say that YOU haven't, I believe you. I cannot say the same for some of the other n4g goers.

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Sevir043596d ago

they are a mass of editors perhaps the one editor who reviewed this game has to be very critical, that one opinion wont sway me from KZ2. and i'm sure the only ones who ar eloving this 7 is the fanboys who gave KZ2 a low user review. let them enjoy the ONE review. we can all enjoy the game come this 27th, or like others the demo.

TheHater3596d ago

Or some of just might be enjoying the game about 10 day early :)

SnuggleBandit3595d ago

actually they would be very consistent if you consider:

Gears 2- 9
Halo 3- 10

Resistance 2- 6
Killzone 2- 7

RPG Guy3596d ago

BTW, this Sony fansite can blow me man! Seriously, you bastards took a bubble away AGAIN for me giving Star Ocean a nice comment. You all suck.

Why in God's name can't I just play both sides of the coin? If I go all Sony fanboy and support PS3 games, I get agrees gallore and bubbles, but the SECOND I say something good about my also owned 360, I lose a bubble. Jesus you freaking five year olds, GROW UP!

HighDefinition3596d ago

People lose bubbles for the wierdest things around here, don`t sweat it, speak your mind.

Rule 1: Don`t take N4G personal and it becomes a much more enjoyable expierence.

Have a bubble.

Sev3596d ago

True, hell, I will even give you a bubble even though you bashed my site in another discussion.

Don't take things so personal.

Lifendz3596d ago

I've been down to four and as high as 10 (where I am now). I'm honest. Be honest and I think most people will respect what you have to say. I always preface comments with the non-fanboy disclaimer just because so many people here are on edge (pun intended) from having to deal with fanboys.

redsquad3596d ago

Bubble up as compensation (and apology) for the fanboys.
I only have a PS3, but hate Sony fanboys as much as MS ones. The latter annoy me, while the former embarass me with their equally banal replies. They DO NOT represent the majority, on either side, despite what various forums (which tend to be tosser magnets anyway)seem to indicate.
Game fans, for either console, are usually bright and sophiticated indivuduals. Shame the tools give us a bad image.

CyberCam3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I don't own a 360 but I'm all for both consoles getting props. Without both console succeeding I will not get such great games.

No worries man, here's another bubble.


khellendros13596d ago

LOL!!! I had to laugh at your comment because it's true. Here's a bubble!! LOL!!

pixelsword3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I'll never relent the fact that I loved Halo 1 better than Killzone 1 and that I think the Halo series is the best series for shooters.

I'll never relent the fact that I think Killzone blew away their 2005 trailer and only one FPS looked better: Crysis; and that Killzone 2 will redeem the Killzone series, maybe putting it in the top three FPS of all time.

I defend games like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Lair, or Lost Odyssey because I loved them.

I let games like Resident Evil 5, Dead Space, and Mirror's Edge twist in the wind because I loved them.

I also showed that G4TV is indirectly owned by Microsoft.

But I also think that Microsoft is a better company than Apple ever will be.

I get called fanboy by Wii, PS3, and 360 owners...

...and I don't care.

You have to stand on your own opinion; and as long as you're truthful, and your points are established on truth only two thing will happen:

1. people will hate you

2. people will love you

But people will hate YOU, and love YOU, not some fake persona you put up to kiss butt for to keep bubbles.

Someone told me when I was very young that "not everyone will love you", and so I am wary if everyone does. I'm not here to be loved; I got over that when I was a baby. I'm here to stand on my own, even if it means I have to do it against the whole world. I'll do it with clenched fists running towards the masses that oppose me every time if I have to.

But I will be heard. I will make my mark.

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aspergersyndrome3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Killzone fans after the EDGE review :)

HighDefinition3596d ago

You knowing you`ll never play it?


Earn a track, your not even a good troll.

3596d ago
redsquad3596d ago

...and this is exactly the sort of fanboy who gives all sensible gamers a bad name that I was talking about in my previou spost.

beavis4play3595d ago

only because your comments never offer anything interesting......just [email protected] crap. why not put some thought into something?

pixelsword3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

...they entertain me.

gametheory3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Considering you're a sore dreamcast loser. Still mad about Sony's dominance last-gen, huh?


Man that was an awesome video, lol.

jrburdine3595d ago

That is great, love the killzone fans jumping to their demise...

Seriously people it's a freakin opinionated score, who cares...

Don't you sony fanboys get yours rocks all twisted to where you can't squeeze another drop out...

This site has just become ridiculous with all this fanboyism...

I have played the demo for killzone 2 and I will admit its pretty good, but I still think Gears 2 rapes in graphics over this, here we go with the disagrees... But you also gotta think KILLZONE (FPS) GEARS (TPS). If the demo for killzone 2 shows what the story is, then I will rent the game.

Now after your done disagreeing with me, realize I never said one bad thing about killzone 2... I hate Sony with a passion, don't get me wrong, everything from their company standpoint to you paying more for 4 damn letters is ridiculous...

But GG on the other, might have unleashed a Beast with KZ2...

Only time will tell...

P.S. Don't get caught up in the hype, if you do your a fanboy period...

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