Steal this Idea - Survival Horror

Recently some people have been complaining. They say that Resident Evil 5 has lost the survival horror aspect of the series. Other people also didn't think Dead Space was a true survival horror game, because it was too easy. As for Silent Hill homecoming? You guessed it. Even more people complaining that the franchise no longer feels like a true survival horror. Yes, the survival horror genre is a tough cookie to crack, especially when games designers are trying to come up with fresh concepts for a sequel. So I've cleverly stolen other peoples ideas and put them into one helpful list that should enable any games designer to make a perfect survival horror game.

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kaironn3596d ago

I have yet to play Max Payne.

cherrycreamsauce3596d ago

Yea - I liked Leon when he was just a rookie, not a bad enough dude to rescue the president's daughter.

Fullish3596d ago

Hmm yeah I think I preferred it as well when Leon was a amateur.

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