Destructoid Preview: Wanted: Weapons of Fate likely far better than you'd expected

Destructoid writes:

"Look, Wanted: Weapons of Fate producer Nick Torchia gets it -- you think movie games suck. You've been burned before by the quick cash-ins, the day-and-date release tie-ins that play out more like quick marketing vehicles than a solid gaming experience.

But when Wanted hit theaters last June, there was no game. When it came to home video last holiday, the game was still a few months out from release. After playing it at New York Comic Con alongside Torchias, one thing was pretty clear: Wanted: Weapons of Fate wasn't pushed through the system to make a quick buck.

"We didn't want to release something fast," he tells me of the release discrepancy between the film and game. "We didn't want to 'whip it and ship it' to get a piece of s**t out. We wanted to take the time, to do something right."

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