Sony and Kotaku Make-Up

As it says in the title...Sony doing some more loving.

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Captain Tuttle4304d ago

I was submitting this and the site told you were already doing it.

Anywho, that was quick. Kotaku won this round.

techie4304d ago

Lol yeah sorry. I'd like to thank trane07 and my mum and...yada yada

techie4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Note...I copy and pasted the title from Kotaku...but it should be "Sony and Kotaku Make Up"...not make up as that implies they are in some kind of drag show...or are releasing a new range of make-up to wear while you play your ps3...

Violater4304d ago

tonight is just full of news.
I swear i can feel something BIG brewing

4304d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.