Killzone 2 victory is imminent

With only a few weeks left to go until killzone 2 full game comes out, we got our first taste of what's to come with the killzone 2 demo which was released the other and blow must of us away.So this is my impression video of what I thought of the demo.

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BMS843446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

The graphics, animations are amazing ,the sounds to, It def blow your mind away, but the guy should , shorten his story to 3 minutes , it becomes quite boring.. And also i agree the people say that K2 isn't that good , are just haters! Like EDGE magazine

Kouppa3446d ago

they gave killzone 2 the same rating as flower the (psn title)

these guys over at edge are morons they say that a game where you go around planting pollen is equal to one of the best ps3 game coming out this year.

thats a joke

Ghoul3446d ago

"these guys over at edge are morons they say that a game where you go around planting pollen is equal to one of the best ps3 game coming out this year.

Thats a shortminded claim, flower is definatly a great game and different approach to gameplay. But i agree a 7/10 for killzone (after playing te demo myself) is idiotic. Especially since fear2 and house of te dead got 8/10 !!!

Timberland2K93446d ago

I can't wait can you Say Clan Wars

ChampIDC3446d ago

Yup. KZ2 is going to be a great game. The only thing I can say against it is that it's not the most original game ever, but hey, what game these days actually is original? No reason to knock off points for it. They do a great job with what they have, and the fact that I don't have a PS3 makes me itch to play this game even more...

eagle213446d ago


1up A/A+
IGN 9.4/10
X-play 5/5
OPM 5/5
Eurogamer 9/10
GamePro 5/5

Jink3446d ago

the best thing overall is the sounds. 24/7 gun firing can make you nervous after a while. That's my mayor factor at least. I'm loving it.

And I'm a gamer that don't like war based games that much, but somehow KZ is different.

And the Helgast are really adaptive, and very. Whenever I was taking cover, they were looking to nail me through the smallest opening that they could find. You can even learn from them.

With the graphic performance of the demo I wasn't that much impressed. It sure looked F**king great! But the CG movie quality of the resent videos from the full version were not there. So that means that the full version will look even better! Also that demo on the PSN is old development work.

At first I didn't liked the control, and the fact that you can't costume map them. But I'm getting use to it.

But thing that I didn't liked at all, and also pissed me off, was:

1. The aiming acceleration, it is so annoying when you are briefly hold the control stick to move your aim a little, then suddenly it speeds up, making you lose a lot of head shots. I started playing KZ1 yesterday, with 75% sensitivity, and I have 63 head shot by the second level. But KZ2 its almost impossible. MGS4 had the same problem. I mean, why would GG do that? If you are a FPS pro you should know what I mean.

2. The other bad thing was that when you are taking cover and you reload, you can't move! You have to let go the cover which mean standing up and getting all shoot at. In KZ1 I can cover, reload, and move at the same time.

I hope that in the full version of KZ2 these factor are gone.

rockleex3446d ago

I know what you're talking about.

But the reason why it makes sense for Killzone 2 to have aiming acceleration is because everything else in that game has momentum... and so should the aiming.

For example, when you walk, you can easily turn. But when you start running, it gets harder to turn. When you're running at full speed, it gets even harder to turn. When you suddenly stop while running at full speed, you'll notice that you slide for a bit before you stop.

Its all about recreating weight, momentum, etc.

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Shane Kim3446d ago

God damn was that Gears 2 in the beginnig? HOLY SH!T IT LOOKED...SH!T.

Kouppa3446d ago

You have to watch it in HQ

dukadork23446d ago

right on dude: i loved the sound too, i played it with and w/o music and i was just blown away. the 3D, echo, flybys, reverb and stuff, it sounds so real it's scary, best sounding game ever.

bubble for ya bro, i'll check out your blog from now on

Fakes3446d ago

Killzone 2 is breathtaking,can't wait anymore.

Kouppa3446d ago

This game has to be on everybodies wishlist

militant073446d ago


FPS on my whishlist ?? NEVER (except all halo games)

im not gona buy it, didnt like demo didnt like any FPS beside Halo

LoVeRSaMa3446d ago


kIdiot Phailo fanboy.



ChampIDC3446d ago

Well, seeing that Halo doesn't really take that much skill, it wouldn't surprise me if he was actually telling the truth. It's probably one of the most noob friendly shooters ever.

Anyway, posting something like that is just asking for angry responses here anyway. Keep it to yourself. Nobody cares that you don't want the game.

militant073446d ago

I don't care if i got billion disagree and 0 agree its all coming from stupid FPS players.

FPS game usually doesn't require brain to play it its very simple, sick and stupid.

offensive isn't old in gamer zone go to your open zone and say whatever make you sleep.

any JRPGS>Killzone 2(and all FPS beside halo) any time

pixelsword3446d ago

I thought JRPG's were simplistic because you had time to choose one move wheras FPS, you have to think on your feet. I always thought JRPG's were for people who couldn't think fast, so they had to settle for the "many menus mean you're somehow smarter" gameplay of a RPG, especially a JRPG. I mean, if it takes a person several moments to execute a move wheras another person can execute many moves in the same amount of time, it's hard to call the person who takes a long time to make one move smarter.

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KIllzone41903446d ago

This has to be the most intense game since cod 4, Great video

beavis4play3446d ago

so visceral and immersive. the upclose melee fighting is intense.

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